Interview with Kagze – BRO 2021 NA TOP 8 – Aqua Force (Maelstrom) (V)

Hello, one and all! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Today we have an interview with Kagze who accomplished Top 8 with Maelstrom! I feel like this is an absolute treat to be able to break down this accomplishment. Let’s get right on with the interview! Interview Evan: Hello Kagze! First and foremost. Congratulations on yourContinue reading “Interview with Kagze – BRO 2021 NA TOP 8 – Aqua Force (Maelstrom) (V)”

The Granblue Premium Encyclopedia

Hello All! It’s Evan here and I am very excited to share this resource that I wanted to bring back and constantly have available. The Granblue Encyclopedia. This is a document in which Granblue players of all skill ranges can refer to when it comes to, well, everything related to Granblue in the Premium FormatContinue reading “The Granblue Premium Encyclopedia”

Premium after V-Collection Vol.2 (Part 2)

Hello all its Evan here with an update post and my current testing results with the new cards for Granblue! I will discuss each card first and then rate them by viability. If you are wondering how the new cards fare and their practicality then here you go! Pinot Noir First up we have aContinue reading “Premium after V-Collection Vol.2 (Part 2)”

Premium after V-Collection Vol. 2 (Part 1)

Hello its your boy Evan here! This is gonna be a multi-post article on the state of Premium and deck building for premium! You will join me on the trial and error process that is deck building for this format! If you already read the article that Jaime did just earlier then you have anContinue reading “Premium after V-Collection Vol. 2 (Part 1)”

How To Get Into Premium Granblue!

Hello everyone! Did you want to get into premium Granblue with your standard deck? Fear not because we will show you how to do it step by step and with all the information you need to start you off! Table of Contents Main Strides G-Guardians Main Deck Tech Cards Nightrose Variants Cocytus Variant Seven SeasContinue reading “How To Get Into Premium Granblue!”

Nightrose into Chaos (Tips for Premium)

Well here it is folks the moment we dreaded… Chaos Breaker has been revealed in V series and its a really well designed card that is as silly and oppressive as it was before! It’s your boy Evan here with a quick overview of what you need to know for Chaos in premium! Before weContinue reading “Nightrose into Chaos (Tips for Premium)”

Premium Nightrose – Masterclass Dive

Hello! It’s Evan here and today we have something for more advance players or for those who want to improve in the Premium Meta with Granblue. Today I am sharing with you my Premium Decklist for Nightrose and this is made with all the cards from the Phantom Dragon Aeon set in mind. If youContinue reading “Premium Nightrose – Masterclass Dive”

Building a Seven Seas Standard Deck

Hello everyone! This will be my first post here so big thank you to Jaime for letting me use his platform to share with you all my testing and research. First and foremost I am Evan Alberto, probably known to you as a “paragraph edgelord” when I post anything Granblue related. Today we will beContinue reading “Building a Seven Seas Standard Deck”