Hello everyone! This blog will introduce you to the Maelstrom deck. Maelstrom is a fairly popular deck from Stoicheia that debuted in D-BT08. Plus, it’s a deck that isn’t good enough to get into the Top Tier, but this deck has a unique style and it’s a very fun deck to play. In order notContinue reading “BLUE STORM DRAGON, MAELSTROM DECK PROFILE D-STANDARD”

The Modernized Navy (Aqua Force Premium Techs)

Hi amigos, today’s article with be an in-depth one for Aqua Force premium! This is David Song’s (Cay#6437) first official article on the blog! I also add some of my techs at the end too. Enjoy! Table of Contents Quick rundown on Aqua Force History Many veteran players of Cardfight Vanguard are used to AquaContinue reading “The Modernized Navy (Aqua Force Premium Techs)”

Thavas Deck | Thavas Worlds Deck Profile | Commander Jaime World Finalist 2022 | Bushiroad


Zorga Rulings And Interactions Cheat Sheet

Hi amigos, today I’ll be covering some helpful Zorga rulings and interactions so that players can have a better understanding! See it as a cheat sheet that you can always refer to! Let’s dive into it! How Alchemagic Works From the Wiki: Here’s a Visual: As you can see visually the normal order from Hand,Continue reading “Zorga Rulings And Interactions Cheat Sheet”