More Maelstrom Support!!

Hi amigos, today we got 2 more cards that support Maelstrom! Let’s dive into it! New Support Both are RGs that we can use for our arsenal! Brave Shooter brings a unique skill where it can give itself and another card in the same column +5k each. It is 4th battle or more, restricted, soContinue reading “More Maelstrom Support!!”

New Stoicheia Support!! Maelstrom 3000 years later!!

That’s right amigos, they announced the new Encounter cards and one of them is Maelstrom! Let’s dive into some thoughts and speculation! Why Maelstrom?! As we can see 3 of the Encounter cards were Luquier, Maelstrom, and Minerva. Everyone that has played the game from the early days and even V Era, appreciates the nostalgia!Continue reading “New Stoicheia Support!! Maelstrom 3000 years later!!”

To Sink or Swim That Is the Question

Attention on deck! With the release of D-BT04 Awakening of Chakrabarthi, what is the state of Flagburg? Can Flagburg keep up with the big decks in the standard format, or should it descend into the deeps of the abyss and bide its time? In today‚Äôs article, we are going to take a hard look atContinue reading “To Sink or Swim That Is the Question”

The Granblue Premium Encyclopedia

Hello All! It’s Evan here and I am very excited to share this resource that I wanted to bring back and constantly have available. The Granblue Encyclopedia. This is a document in which Granblue players of all skill ranges can refer to when it comes to, well, everything related to Granblue in the Premium FormatContinue reading “The Granblue Premium Encyclopedia”