Interview with Kagze – BRO 2021 NA TOP 8 – Aqua Force (Maelstrom) (V)

Hello, one and all! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Today we have an interview with Kagze who accomplished Top 8 with Maelstrom! I feel like this is an absolute treat to be able to break down this accomplishment. Let’s get right on with the interview! Interview Evan: Hello Kagze! First and foremost. Congratulations on yourContinue reading “Interview with Kagze – BRO 2021 NA TOP 8 – Aqua Force (Maelstrom) (V)”

Cocytus Reverse Has Been Revealed!

Did you ever wonder if your Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus could be used again? After brushing the dust off mine, I can tell you with excitement that the time has come! Hi there and welcome back! This is OuterOrange here and I want to talk to you about the new reveals for our skeleton man,Continue reading “Cocytus Reverse Has Been Revealed!”