Cocytus Reverse Has Been Revealed!

Did you ever wonder if your Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus could be used again? After brushing the dust off mine, I can tell you with excitement that the time has come!

Hi there and welcome back! This is OuterOrange here and I want to talk to you about the new reveals for our skeleton man, Cocytus and his friends!

The Reveals

Our 3 new reveals are named as follows from left to right:

  • Dragon Undead, Ghoul Dragon
  • Witch Doctor of the Dead Sea Negrobolt
  • Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus R

As you can see, there are some amazing units come back! With some very different skills that will make our future Cocytus deck a lot more fun and interactive with mills.

Starting with Dragon Undead, Ghoul Dragon which has the tease skill of:

Has a skill to retire your opponent’s units when it attacks! Also has a skill to support “Negrobolt”!

Retire in Granblue? We see a little of this type of action in Premium, but seeing this in V-Premium is new as most of the skills revolve more on self retire, mill, and power. It’s nice to be able to on attack retire something that we may dislike or don’t want on the board which will help with dealing with more match ups! Having some board disturbance only adds more flavor to the clan.

Our next unit is Witch Doctor of the Dead Sea, Negrobolt with this tease skill:

“The more cards you put into your drop, the more your Power and Shield goes up until the end of the next turn!”

This is a fun one! Cocytus already mills for us quite a lot so now we’ll be able to get rewarded for this. It helps a lot too that we have really good units that mill such as Greed Shade, Colombard, and Ruin Shade. We’re also getting another new unit named “Sea Strolling Banshee” from Clan Collection Vol. 2 which will also mill and reward draw. This will work perfectly in Cocytus.

It is interesting to note that this shield value stays until the end of next turn. This could mean extra value for Protect 2 or maybe there will be some form of protection on the cards provided that’ll help make the shield worth it without being retired. We’ll have to see!

Lastly, we have Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus R, with his tease skill being:

“At the end of the battle that your “Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus” attacked, Lock your allies to superior ride from the drop! Sacrifice rearguards when it attacks to get a power-up skill!”

This is perfect. We get to re-ride after attacking with our first Cocytus, which means multi-attacking. We get an additional protect marker, which means we can get away with protect 2 even more now and we can lock rear guards or even retire them to then get extra skills on our new Cocytus. This re-ride also helps old Cocytus as his skill allows for more calls from drop zone if there are grade 3 in the soul.

The interesting take is what the extra power up skill will be. Cocytus tends to gain power based on how many cards are in the drop zone, so we may see a skill revolved around that, or maybe there will be a front row power up making every attack more lethal? Who knows! What’s great about all this is that our two supporting cards Negrobolt and Ghoul Dragon flow in so nicely! Between gaining power, shield, multi-attacking, retiring, on top of calling from drop with our original Cocytus, we can expect to see a very fun deck to shape soon!

Final Thoughts

With all of this in mind, I am really excited to see where we take our Cocytus Decks as all of this stuff sounds like we’re going to be having a lot of fun building a defensive yet powerful machine and I can’t wait to see the full reveals and I hope this helped excite and brainstorm for you as well!

Thanks for reading for all you Cocytus lovers like me until next time! Peace out Amigos!


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Hi there (: I like Cardfight!! Vanguard and especially GranBlue. I am excited to provide my knowledge here (: <3

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