Blog Expanded: Looking For Potential Passionate Aqua Force Writers

Hi amigos! That’s right! The Rogue of the Seven Seas blog will now expand to have Aqua Force related articles/content. Furthermore, we’re looking for more potential writers for Aqua Force/Stoicheia articles!

Who Should Apply?

Do you really like/love Aqua Force and/or Stoicheia?

Have you always wanted to contribute to something bigger than yourself and/or to the Vanguard community?

Do you want to learn/hone a skill set in content creation/blog writing?

Then I suggest applying! This is purely a passion based endeavor and wanting to grow the Vanguard community with quality content.

There are no hard requirements but a few things that we want to see from applicants:

  • Passionate/Enthusiastic in Aqua Force/Stoicheia
  • Willing to work with others and communicate as appropriate
  • No experience is needed, but a willingness to learn and improve

These are also plus attributes that will help out:

  • Are already a Content Creator (YouTube, Twitch, Blogging, etc.)
  • Have been involved with blogging/article creation in general

Where Can I Apply?

Here’s the Google Form to apply!

-> <-

I Applied Now What?

Thanks for applying! Within a few days, your form responses will be reviewed. You should hear from us soon as well.

We would also like to have conversation to get to know you a little bit more and some of the goals you want to accomplish with being a writer. If things make sense to move forward, then we’ll get you set up with the tools needed to start writing!

What About The Aqua Force Blog “Force of the Ocean”?

Believe it or not, I’m not the original founder of the Force of the Ocean blog! My good amigo, Ocean Dragon, is the founder and we’ve chatted about this new direction.

As of right now, the article writing will be mainly on Rogue of the Seven Seas. Then can be cross posted to Force of the Ocean. Force of the Ocean is planned to get revamped in the future and then it can be assessed how Aqua Force content will be published accordingly then.

Force of the Ocean will still be live and can be used as a reference still for old articles/deck lists/videos links/etc.

Can My Articles Be Cross Posted Onto “Axis Vanguard”?

Yes! If you wish to do so, they can be cross posted onto the Axis Vanguard site! The Axis Vanguard site is much bigger and broader, so any Stoicheia/Aqua Force/Granblue content can also be cross posted to contribute.

Once some Aqua Force/Stoicheia articles have been published, it can even be discussed if you wish to publish content for other clans/nations onto Axis Vanguard. The team welcomes people that really want to create articles.

Final Thoughts

I’m really excited to meet and work with the people that want to create articles for Aqua Force/Stoicheia. I believe there are plenty of people that just need a platform to be able to express their thoughts/feelings/passion/knowledge about Aqua Force/Stoicheia!

More additional changes will be applied onto the blog that will incorporate Aqua Force content/references. So be on the lookout for that! Thanks for reading, and till next time amigos! See ya!

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