Blog Expanded: Looking For Potential Passionate Aqua Force Writers

Hi amigos! That’s right! The Rogue of the Seven Seas blog will now expand to have Aqua Force related articles/content. Furthermore, we’re looking for more potential writers for Aqua Force/Stoicheia articles! Who Should Apply? Do you really like/love Aqua Force and/or Stoicheia? Have you always wanted to contribute to something bigger than yourself and/or toContinue reading “Blog Expanded: Looking For Potential Passionate Aqua Force Writers”

Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir And Support

It’s been a good while since we had Granblue support revealed! Let’s get right into it! Let’s start with the duo! Huh? Interesting. Reading the skills we see there’s some type of use with triggers being in the drop zone! Funny enough, for the longest time, Granblue players have felt not so great whenever weContinue reading “Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir And Support”

Zorga Standard Deck Study

Hi amigos! After testing with Zorga, brainstorming with other players, and seeing the results from some tournaments, it’s time to go in depth some key aspects on building a Zorga deck for Standard. I will cover a little in more depth on the cards and ratios as a whole. What’s also unique with Stoicheia, asContinue reading “Zorga Standard Deck Study”

The Cursed Soul Wriggles in Agony And Hydraulic Ram Dragon

Hi amigos, today we got 2 new reveals for Stoicheia in Genesis of the Five Greats! Let’s dive into it! Pros Cursed Soul let’s us do 3 things at once Superior call units Mill cards into drop zone SB cards into the drop zone The unit(s) called with Cursed Soul get +5k There’s additional benefitContinue reading “The Cursed Soul Wriggles in Agony And Hydraulic Ram Dragon”