The Granblue Premium Encyclopedia

Hello All! It’s Evan here and I am very excited to share this resource that I wanted to bring back and constantly have available. The Granblue Encyclopedia.

This is a picture I got commissioned awhile back and I figured it was appropriate to share for the occasion

This is a document in which Granblue players of all skill ranges can refer to when it comes to, well, everything related to Granblue in the Premium Format as this format contains the most interactions and potential in terms of depth when comes to player choices, deck builds, and gameplay.

This is a combined effort of all the writers here:

I did a similar document back in 2017 as a word document but decided that this time I wanted a document that is perpetually updated and a resource for players to use to understand Granblue in Premium. Whether you are thinking about trying Granblue in Premium or a long-standing veteran. I hope you use this to your benefit.

The document can be found here:

This post is a way for you to find the encyclopedia and the google doc allows me to swiftly update the document and allows for a faster way to browse the sections you need to with the table of contents.

Whenever a new meta occurs, the matchups with be updated. Whenever a new set is revealed, the deck builds and tech options could be updated. This is meant to be your up-to-date resource to help you in your cardfight journey.

There will be a video about this to serve as a more visual approach to the encyclopedia but I wanted to share the actual document with you first!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy!

CrieTEXe singing off~

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