Witch Doctor of Powdered Bone, Negrobone (V Series)

Today’s card spotlight is another favorite from G Era Nightrose days, Negrobone! Negrobone has gotten a retrain! Let’s dive into it!

[ACT](Drop zone):COST [Discard a card from your hand & put this card on the bottom of your deck], and call a grade 1 card from your drop zone to (RC). If your drop zone has ten or more cards, you may call regardless of the grade.


  • Revives a RG during the main phase.
  • Bottom decks itself. (Helps with not decking out as quickly)
  • Costs does NOT have CB nor SB.


  • It has a 10+ drop zone card count requirement in order to revive non-G1 units.
  • G1 slots are still tight….

Honestly, this is a very solid card and does help in both formats. I really like that we finally have a card in V Era that can return to deck with a great benefit. We saw older cards in G Era like Bale the Ghostie and Fatal Shade that also bottom deck themselves. Having a generic one for Granblue as a whole is great!

V Era Seven Seas

Another card that the new Seven Seas cards could use!

Negrobone has a lot of utility in V Era Seven Seas! It’s a card that supports on fueling the drop by discarding cards, reviving Seven Seas units, and then also slowing deck out down.

  • Helps discard key pieces for Nightspinel and Nightrunner to revive/grab later on.
  • You can discard Nightcrow to have it live in the drop zone.
  • We can revive Seven Seas cards like Slash Shade and Raistutor.
  • We can revive generic units like Greed Shade and Colombard.

Other Key Card Interactions

There are some key cards that this card can help!

Both Skull Dragon and Ghost Ship are dead cards in hand. Being able to discard them and replace them somehow is very much appreciated. We can literally discard them and call them immediately since they’ll be in the drop zone as targets. Ghost Ship is great because it’ll retire and draw you a card back!

We also have cards that that need to be called from the drop zone to get their skills such as King Serpent, Ripple Banshee, and Cannoneer! All three of these units help with resources such as CC1/SC1, SB1 to draw and become a 12k booster/attacker, and CB1 to retire an opponent’s RG and draw.

A Better Evil Shade

I actually wanted a card to be easily used to generically revive another unit from drop zone without the CB cost. We got close with Evil Shade when he got a retrain but it had its requirements. It wasn’t as flexible and you couldn’t really easily call your 1-2 of techs. In fact, it forced you to play 2 copies of a card to even be used for its skill.

Now we can easily revive anything and reserve our CB for other skills! I definitely appreciate this utility!

Easier Main Phase Setup

There’s some importance to highlight here too.

In Premium, we have strides that have no main phase skills but have battle phase skills. Usually in Granblue, our main VG revives multiple RGs during the main phase to do an effective turn. Which we can preserve hand and utilize our resources from the drop zone.

So when going into strides like Negrosonger and Bad Bounty, we need to call cards from hand, use what we have on field, or have units revive themselves or others from the drop zone. Colombard V is great in helping to build the field setup and this new Negrobone further helps our main phase setup.

Also, other units like Obadiah and Cocytus that call multiple RGs can also benefit with Negrobone. Sometimes we’re only able to call 1-4 RGs and Negrobone can be use to set up the extra RG we may need that turn.

Furthermore, since both units mill, the 10+ drop zone count can potently be achieved right away when they resolve their skills.

Update: Infinite Power Loop

After publishing this article, there was an infinite power loop made publicly known. Let’s dive into how it works!
Credit goes to: Rifqi Aulia and Nico Fernando, thanks for sharing amigos!

Here’s the video demonstrating the loop:

What’s the point of the loop? Glad you asked! Essentially, since we’re calling Nightcrow as part of the loop from drop zone to RC, the G Era Nightspinel gets +2k every time. Since it’s an infinite loop, it can technically get infinite power.

But isn’t that stalling? No actually. In regionals you can call a judge and let both the opponent and judge about the play and declare that you did it “infinite” times. Then you proceed with your turn.

However, other loops that are NOT infinite, those need to be played out. Such as the original Wiseman Loop.

If the loop from the video isn’t clear I’ll break it down as well.

The setup requires a Seven Seas VG, only 1 card left in deck, and the following pieces:

  • 3 Negrobones V (2 in drop, 1 in hand/deck/drop)
  • 1 OG Rough Seas (in drop/hand)
  • 1 Samurai Spirit V (in drop/hand)
  • 1 Nightcrow V (in drop/hand)
  1. Negrobone discards a card to superior call OG Rough Seas from drop zone, in doing so, it bottom decks itself as well. (2 cards in deck now)
  2. Then put OG Rough Seas into soul and draw a card. This helps with drawing the top card from deck which should be another Negrobone. (1 card left in deck now, 1 card in Soul)
  3. Now with a RG on field, you can use either Nightcrow or Samurai Spirit to SB1 and retire it to call one of them from drop zone to RC. (0 Soul, 1 card still left in deck)
  4. Now at this point, you’ve done the sequence. Now you repeat again with switching back between Nightcrow and Samurai Spirit since they cannot retire another copy of the same name. That’s it!

Is the loop worth doing and is it feasible? Not really for a couple of reasons. I think the biggest one is that you basically have to be at deck out to accomplish it. Which means you could lose next turn due to deck out.

It could be used as a play that is possible with a deck, basically another win con. But you’ll have to play some key cards that may not be feasible. It’s not a lot of cards really, but you could play them just in case.

Is there some plays or tips that can improve it? There’s some:

  • You can call Nightspinels in the back row the prior turn with the Obadiah stride and with other cards to help them stay on board.
  • Nightmist V can restand ALL of the Nightspinels on RC if you have the 6 Treasure Markers on field.
  • You can end your infinite loop by reviving a Mick with Negrobone and then retiring it via Samurai Spirit/Nightcrow. It will go back to deck and shuffle. You can manipulate your deck to stack Mick for the drive check and have 3 cards in deck for your Twin Drive so your VG can attack. Since you’ll drive check Mick, you can restand a Nightspinel if you didn’t have the 6 Treasure Markers.

But Wait?! Samurai Spirit is in Japan only! Not to worry, in English you can still accomplish the same thing with replacing Samurai Spirit with Ripple Banshee V and having the 4th Negrobone V. This is something that a deck can easily have access to as well. But you do need G Era Nightspinels, so it may not be worth it at that point.

Other Key Highlights

  • Since it’s a G1, it’s a great card to guard with and still use its skill later on.
  • Once your key pieces are already in drop zone, Colombard V can fetch for Negrobone and revive another card instead. (Then you can use Negrobone to revive another RG)
  • You can selectively mill every turn with Obadiah to recycle the use.
  • Reviving cards like Ripple Banshee, OG Cutlass, Cannoneer, and Ghost Ship will refund your discard cost with a new card.
  • You can revive cards behind the VG for utility purposes like King Serpent to CC1 to extend your turn, Grenache to CC2 at end of turn, and leave a key card for OG Nightrose’s GB2 skill like Cannoneer, Mick, Colombard, Negrolazy, etc.

More Nightrose Speculations

So now that we saw Negrobone being retrained, this leads us to speculate that Negrolazy will potentially also get retrained!

We have one more RR slot left and it’s mentioned that next week Nightrose will be revealed. So we’re excited to also see if Negrolazy will make a return!

Furthermore, I believe with Negrobone’s skill helping with creating a field during the main phase, it seems more and more that Nightrose will revive RGs during the battle phase. My hope is that it’s able to call on place and during the battle phase. It would make more sense with why Colombard and Negrobone help in building more field setup.

Another small speculation thought I had is what if Nightrose and the remaining RR slot (perhaps Negrolazy) will actually have a great interaction with each other. My hopes are that they generically benefit each other and not be tied to the Nightrose name or the RR’s name.

For example, we have both Galleas and Foivos retrains when Revonn came out for Aqua Force.

Galleas can generically work more with other G3 VGs, his skill isn’t tied to Revonn’s name. However, one of Foivos’ skills is tied to Last Card, Revonn in its text.

Galleas can work in Premium with the Revonn Ripple build I made a while back for example.

So hopefully it’s not as restrictive. Worse case I guess we can fetch those pieces out if they are techs in other variants or reride into Nightrose V with the Bad Bounty skill.

Final Thoughts

The set is almost done! We’re coming to a close real soon here amigos! I’m excited because already some of the cards have already impacted the current variants. Nightrose will further make an impact for the future of Granblue! Thanks for reading, til next time amigos!

2 thoughts on “Witch Doctor of Powdered Bone, Negrobone (V Series)

  1. I just found this blog and ngl I’m loving it!
    You guys are doing in depth explanations on a lot of things and that is great!
    Please do continue 😀


    1. Thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate hearing that! We will continue to do so. Thanks for reading!


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