Cyril the Ghostie And Rampage Shade (V Series)

A double card spotlight! Yep we got both a new card and a retrain! Let’s dive into it.

Cyril’s Skill:
CONT:If your drop zone has fifteen or more cards, this unit gets [Power]+10000/[Shield]+10000.


  • A great card that can be an attacker and booster.
  • 20k shield.
  • Cost doesn’t include CB nor SB.


  • Skill only is active when drop zone has 15+ card count. (Doesn’t do anything early game)
  • G1 slots are tight for consistency purposes.

It’s a great utility card but the requirement of getting it active is something that may take a while. Let’s cover Rampage’s pros and cons first and then start going into some interactions.

Rampage’s Skill:
[CONT]:Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with “[CONT]:Sentinel” in a deck.)


  • Granblue’s first Critical 30k sentinel.


  • It’s a sentinel, so then you can’t have more than 4 in a deck. (Which means less PGs)

G Guard Interactions

In Premium, our amazing Negronora G Guard can really take advantage of both of these cards. Even Negrolily can benefit!

Negronora is able to grab cards from the drop zone and call them GC. So we can grab both Cyril and Rampage. The total shield value would be (15k + 20k + 30k = 65k)! Which makes your 11k/12k VGs up to a value of 76k/77k. That’s amazing! This can help us save cards in our hands because it’s just discarding a Heal trigger for the cost of G Guarding.

Negrolily is able to call normal Ghostie units with its skill! So that means we can call Cyril and put it in the back row so it doesn’t get attack. Then the following turn it can be used as an attacker or booster.

Ghostie Deck Usage?

Yep the Ghostie deck! It hasn’t been forgotten ha!

Cyril can be used in the Ghostie deck and it works well with Demetria’s skill. We can add it to hand and use it as we wish. Plus the new Tommy retrain can be used as well to help build the drop zone. Also, if your G2 Ghostie RGs are retired, you can call Cyril from drop zone to RG and use it the following turn.

As you can see cards like Clemmie had the requirement of drop zone count back then, so I think that’s where the inspiration came from.

Rampage Ratios?

The big question for both of these cards, what are the ratios that we play them at? Let’s start with Rampage.

The ratios may vary between the two formats. I’ll point out some key differences in a bit.

We have A LOT of flexibility with the ratios for Rampage. With Granblue being a Protect clan, you can literally play 0 up to 4 copies of Rampage, where the rest of the sentinel slots would be your PG(s). You may be asking, so how many exactly should I play? Depends on your meta game.

  • If the meta game has a lot decks that make very big attacks, that make you guard with more cards on top of the Rampage sentinel, then it’s wise to lean more towards PGs. PGs nullify attacks regardless of power. Some opposing decks that can cause this more are Force decks, decks that have restanding VGs, and decks that have very big RGs like Pale Moon, etc. So perhaps 0-1 copies of Rampage may be needed.
  • If the meta game has a lot decks that make a lot of attacks and are small enough for a Rampage sentinel, then it’s wise to lean more towards on the Rampage sentinels. When facing a high number of attacks, we generally want to use as few as cards as possible for each attack to preserve as much hand as possible. Some opposing decks that can cause so many attacks are Accel decks and decks that can restand RGs. So perhaps 3-4 copies of Rampage may be needed.
  • If the meta game has a mix of decks from both prior scenarios, then you can have a ratio that leans towards the middle such as 1-3 copies of Rampage. You can split into a 2-2 ratio with 30k sentinels and PGs.

What about Quintent Walls? Just kidding lol.

I do want to get into the Granblue specifics because not only that we’re a Protect clan that can generate PGs by riding G3s with Gift Markers, but we have access to cards such as Greed Shade and the Obadiah stride.

With Greed Shade we can recycle those Rampages or grab them if they are milled. Greed Shade is used already to get higher shield value cards such as Heal triggers. And now Rampage has bigger shield, so we can grab those triggers instead now.

With Obadiah, it allows us to play low ratios of either Rampage or PGs, then we can selectively mill them for specific match-ups! Do remember there are decks that have some guard restriction so Negronora helps in the regard. Not only that, but by playing a split ratio, we have more control of getting the right sentinel to our hands or use via Negronora’s skill.

Hopefully this helps as more as a rule of thumb or suggestions to help you decide which ratios are best for you and your meta game.

Cyril Ratios?

This card I believe can be at low ratios since the skill won’t be active till later in the game. So I suggest 1-2 maybe 3 if you really want to see it mostly every game. You have other G1 slots that can be used for other G1s.

G1s such as:

  • Tommy the Ghostie Bros (V)
  • PGs
  • Romario
  • Skeleton Seas Navigator
  • Honoly
  • Seven Seas G1s
  • Ripple Banshee (V)
  • Dancing Cutlass (V and old)

Remember, we can grab it from drop zone with Greed Shade and can revive it with skills.

Other Key Highlights

  • You can use Colombard V to selectively mill these cards and revive Cyril as well.
  • Cyril could be used as an 18k booster, the Pseudo Megiddo Turn could use that as a VG booster.
  • Since Rampage is a critical trigger, it helps with having more triggers that are also useful if they are milled into the drop zone. They can be revived or grabbed by Greed Shade to still get their benefits.
  • Cyril works best in decks that can consistently mill or have the ability to excessively mill early on. Cocytus in Standard is a great example of that.

Final Thoughts

Both cards are pretty sweet! We had a high expectation that Rampage was going to make a return as a Critical trigger 30k sentinel since prior G Era Critical triggers were getting retrained this way.

I will be testing out some Rampage copies as well because I do like the idea of having more options to use in certain match-ups. Granblue has great support in where you can tech a few cards without hurting your win rate from the core you have. You can tech everything technically, but consistency is best so I only recommend teching a few cards overall.

We still have a few reveals left for Granblue and we’re also still waiting on Nightrose’s skills to be revealed. Once those reveals are done, we then have everything to test with and solidify as potential decks. Thanks for reading! Til next time amigos!

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