Skeleton Pirate Captain And Parliament Shade

Today is a 2.1 card spotlight ha! Two cards with skills and our newly retrained Heal! Let’s dive into it!

Skeleton Pirate Captain’s Skill:
VC: ACT[Once per turn]: [Cost] {CB1, put 2 cards from the top of your deck into drop zone}, call up to 1 from your drop zone, during this turn that unit and this unit gets POWER +10000.


  • A decent budget G3 main VG for budget decks.
  • Both itself and the RG called get +10k.
  • Mills 2 cards when the skill activates.


  • Lack luster compared to other main G3 VGs like Cocytus.
  • Only VC skill, so no utility as a RG.

Like I mentioned this card is a budget option because we have access to G3s that are better overall. Although, the +10k can help with beefing up certain RGs like Flanger.

Now onto Parliament Shade!

Parliament Shade’s Skill:
AUTO, VC: When it attacks, [COST SB3 Grade 3s] and retire all of your and your opponent’s rearguards, and if you have 15 or more cards in the drop zone, call 5 cards from your drop zone to RC, and all of your units get power plus 10k until the end of turn.


  • On attack revival skill for both Standard and Premium use.
  • Standard now has a way to perform more than 3 attacks in a turn.
  • All units on your field will get +10k.


  • The cost requires to SB three G3 cards from soul.
  • Skill is only on VC.
  • No Protect Gift.

Overall, this card may take a while to pull off in Standard. Assuming that the Nightrose retrain doesn’t somehow add to the G3 count in the soul. But does serve utility in Premium.

Increasing G3s In The Soul

There are some cards, mechanics, and plays we can take advantage to help aid our plan for Parliament Shade!

Reriding is a mechanic that we can easily do to build up the soul with G3s. So every Ride Phase we have the opportunity to do so!

In Premium, we can further reride with the Bad Bounty stride during the Battle Phase! So it’s possible to reride twice in a turn. So which means we can actually resolve Parliament Shade on a 2nd stride Bad Bounty turn!

Also, any form of SC is appreciated, so that’s where King Serpent comes in! Not only he CC1, but he also SC1. The SC itself can potentially be a G3.

Lastly, in both formats we have Romario that can put a card into the Soul from hand. So that’s another opportunity to selectively SC a G3.

Bad Bounty Turn With Parliament Shade

Let’s cover how a turn looks like with the two paired up!

Ride Phase:

Ride any G3 in order to fulfill the number of G3s in the Soul for Parliament Shade’s cost.

Main Phase:

Set up a field formation that can do some RG attacks if possible.

Battle Phase:

  1. RG #1
  2. RG #2
  3. Bad Bounty VG (26k/27k) (CB1 at the end of battle, to reride into Parliament Shade)
  4. Parliament Shade VG (22k) (SB3 G3s, retire RGs on both sides, and revive 5 RGs, and all units get +10k)
  5. New RG Column #1
  6. New RG Column #2

When you revive the 5 RGs, you have a lot of flexibility on what your next attacks will look like.

  • Skull Dragon(s) for big columns.
  • Ghost Ship for big columns and draw afterwards.
  • G Era Colombard/Nightstorm to extend further attacks. (Easier to hit VG because they get +10k)
  • Boosters such as Grenache, Romario, Tommy, and Ripple Banshee are great to make stronger numbers.

Keep in mind your RG columns will have a total of +20k power. So even something like a G1 boosting a G2 that makes 17k, will become 37k. So it only gets better with units that gain power on their own or give to others.

Other Key Highlights

  • Use Chad the Ghostie to perform Stride to help you reride a G3 during the Ride Phase.
  • Typically when we SB for skills, we usually SB G2s, G1s, and G0s so G3s tend to stay in the Soul. (Unless it’s a Skull Dragon, you typically want that thing in the drop zone asap)
  • The RG revived behind Parliament Shade can be used to help your other units such as Mick giving additional +10k or King Serpent to CC1/SC1 to extend your turn.
  • Can be easily fetched by Colombard into the drop zone for the Bad Bounty turn.
  • Greed Shade can grab it when needed from the drop zone.
  • Since you retire your own RGs first before reviving any units, those same RGs can be chosen to revive immediately. (Basically reusing your cards on the field already)

Good Luck Charm Banshee

Yes, she deserves her own section ha! The art work is very well done. I will definitely switch out Rick for her in my deck. I went out of my way to make a Drake meme for her ha!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I do think Parliament Shade may have a shot at being used. Definitely low ratios though like 1-2 copies.

In a few hours from this posting, we will soon know what Nightrose will do and the last remaining RR slot as well! Stay tuned! Thanks again for reading, til next time amigos!

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