Tommy the Ghostie Brothers

One of the most long awaited retrains of the set is revealed! The skill was predictable but still provides great value to Granblue. Let’s cover the best brothers in Granblue ha!

[CONT](VC/RC):During your turn, if your drop zone has five or more cards, this unit gets [Power]+5000.
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placed from hand, look at five cards from the top of your deck, reveal up to one grade 3 from among them and put it into your hand, shuffle your deck, and if you put a card, discard a card from your hand.


  • A check top 5 for any G3 searcher. (Increases G3 ride consistency)
  • We deck thin for a higher chance of seeing triggers via drive/damage checks.
  • Can discard combo pieces and build drop zone count.
  • A very easy 13k attacker and booster. (Can hit 13k VGs as well)
  • No CB nor SB cost.


  • Doesn’t always guarantee you hit a G3.
  • The check top 5 skill is restricted to when you call it to RC from hand.
  • G1 slots are tight.

Overall, it’s a welcome retrained! It’s skills actually are free, easy to setup, and further’s Granblue’s overall strategy.

The G1 Slots

Yep let’s get right into it ha! Granblue has some good generic G1s that we can already play.

Here’s a list in Standard:

  • Romario
  • Dolph the Ghostie (PG)
  • Dancing Cutlass
  • Ripple Banshee

In Premium it’s even tighter:

  • Honoly
  • OG Tommy (Stride fodder)

It’s surprising to mention a good number of G1s that already take the slot as a solid choice. However, I do believe 2 cards that could have potential to be replaced are both Romario and Dolph.

For some players, I’ve seen them either already reduce or remove Romario from their deck. Romario typically serves as a good 12k booster and sometimes as an attacker; once you achieve 10+ drop zone count. The on ride skill is nice to pull off; however, it costs a CB. Sometimes it’s not wise to resolve the on ride skill because it could put you in a position of not having CB for your G3 or stride units for your next turn.

So right off the back we can see Tommy replacing Romario in terms of a better attacker/booster. In fact, Tommy can hit against 13k VGs on his own.

Dolph is used because we want to at least have 12 crits in our trigger ratio. Additionally, it’s a good VG ride target for its draw one and then discard one skill. Typically, we usually discard combo pieces from our hand from a blind draw. In fact, some combo pieces are G3s like Skull Dragon and Nightstorm.

Tommy helps with fetching those G3 combo pieces and immediately discards them to the drop zone. Although, the other option is that we can grab our main G3 VG and discard another combo piece instead. Both scenarios help with our overall strategy. Also, this assumes we’ll get sentinel critical triggers. I plan to try some split ratio first to still have access to PGs for certain key match-ups and Negronora abuse in Premium.

Tommy actually has a great shot in being used in multiple Granblue variants because of these 2 skills.

V Era Seven Seas

Can this card aid in the new Seven Seas retrains? Yes it can!

The new Seven Seas cards depend more on the quality of the drop zone rather than the quantity. So key cards like Nightcrow being in drop zone, can be easily setup with Tommy’s discard.

Not only that, since it searches for G3s, the new retrains heavily rely on the VG being Nightmist himself. Having the G3 ride consistency is very key.

It’s worth noting that it opens up the possibility of having the deck play a low count of G3s. Revonn in Aqua Force is a prime example. Where the new Seven Seas deck can just play 4 Nightmist and that’s it.

It’s a card worth trying out in the new Seven Seas deck since we have room for some generic Granblue units.

Premium Bad Bounty Turn

There’s even some great uses in Premium. Bad Bounty becomes more consistent and more viable for a solid 1st stride turn.

We can essentially get some key G3s to do a successful turn such as the Breakride Nightmist or another main VG copy. Remember, we typically use Obadiah on 1st stride to setup our drop zone. But if we can get enough of the setup and do a 1st stride Bad Bounty turn, then we have more flexibility on how our 1st stride turn can do. Even potentially go for game.

Other key pieces include both Skull Dragons and OG Nightrose. Where Skull Dragons can be used to hit hard and OG Nightrose can generate another Skull Dragon attack. With OG Nightrose, you had to have G Guarded to have her GB2 skill live since Bad Bounty, for whatever reason, doesn’t G flip. So keep that in mind if used.

V Era Nightrose

Currently, we still don’t know Nightrose’s retrain skill is yet.

Although, since she’s a G3, Tommy can search for her as well. So this new potential variant of Granblue, will benefit of having that G3 ride consistency.

Also, any Nightrose support can be discarded to help its strategy further. Even support from G Era such as Fatal Shade, Bale, Negrobone, Negrolazy, etc.

Other Key Highlights

  • A card like Skeleton Sea Navigator, can instantly make Tommy’s +5k skill live.
  • Cocytus’ cost of milling 4 cards and resolving Tommy’s search & discard skill, will make his +5k skill live.
  • Tommy boosting ANY G2 9k, like Colombard, makes it a 22k column. (Can hit through a damage check trigger threshold against Protect and Accel clans)
  • We have a greater chance of seeing other G3s if needed as RG support.
  • The discard actually helps Granblue out rather than it being an actual cost.
  • During your main phase, you can call it to RC from hand to help increase your chances of getting a combo piece to use with a revival skill during that same turn. And get the benefit of it being a 13k booster.
  • You can use Greed Shade to grab Tommy from the drop zone and then call it to get the benefit of using the search & discard skill. With 10+ cards in the drop zone it’ll become a 27k column as well.
  • Remember Chad the Ghostie can now serve as our Stride fodder, so we don’t have to rely on the OG Tommy.
  • Negrolily is able to call this card when G Guarding. (Thanks to Edward O’Brien for sharing this point)
  • Fantastic art and it’s hilarious.

Final Thoughts

Tommy’s skills are simple and were predictable, but still provide some good overall value. One thing I really like about it is that it doesn’t use a CB nor a SB. We can use his skills any time without resource restrictions that an opponent could deny you.

If a CB was needed, is that a big deal? Yes it is! We generally want to save our CB for our revival skills and any attack extender (in Premium). That is one of the things you have to watch out when resolving a Romario early on. Having no CB or reduced CB count, can hurt you in the long term in a game.

I recommend checking out my resource management article to get a better idea of how Granblue is a clan that does require smart usage of your resources. Otherwise, you will lose to yourself.

Thanks for reading! Til next time amigos, see ya!

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