Forebode Ghost Ship

We got a new reveal and it’s a ship! Today’s Card Spotlight goes to Forbode Ghost Ship!

[ACT](Drop Zone):COST [Discard a card from your hand], call this card to (RC), and if your drop zone has ten or more cards, this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn.


  • Can call itself from drop zone.
  • It can call itself regardless of your VG’s grade.
  • No CB nor SB cost.
  • Great option if CB denied.
  • Synergizes well on being discarded for skills and Striding.
  • Gains 10K if 10+ cards are in the drop zone.


  • It’s a G3 and those slots are occupied by your main VG and Skull Dragon.
  • Cost includes discard.
  • You do NOT want to ride this as VG.

Surprisingly, this card has some neat pros to it but the cons are serious ones to consider. I really do like more ways of reviving units. It can provide some options for some variants in Granblue. While some are better off with having their main VG and 4 Skull Dragons.

Variants That Mill Excessively

There are variants that focus on milling excessively to achieve multiple things:

  • 10+ cards in the drop zone. (We have cards that gain more benefits)
  • Having access to multiple key pieces as soon as possible.
  • Building up drop zone count for Skull Dragon.

So where does Forbode play a role in these types of variants? Glad you asked! While the variant is excessively milling, it’s a solid option to call as a beater to help build a better field formation. It can keep calling itself every turn if retired by the opponent. Cards like Greed Shade and Skeleton Sea Navigator can mill it. Additionally, Greed Shade can discard it from hand to replace it with a better piece.

Due keep in mind your hand is the resource used for its revival. So you may have to use other resources to help main hand advantage such as Ripple Banshee, OG Dancing Cutlass, etc.

Seven Seas Standard

Can Seven Seas use it? It can actually if you wish to!

One thing that the new Seven Seas cards need is milling key pieces. While cards like Greed Shade, Skeleton Sea Navigator, and the new Nightspinel help in milling; Forbode can help in getting a Nightcrow into drop zone as well from hand.

Forbode also becoming a 22k beater can help with your formations once you reach either the 3 or 6 Treasure Marker count. Since the deck can have RGs attack from the back row, this card can actually hit through a damage check trigger threshold against other 12k base VGs.

Help With Variants Where VG Doesn’t Revive Units

Wait what? We have VGs that don’t revive units? Yes. A few ha.

Both Bad Bounty and V Era Nightmist don’t revive any units. They simply focus on different strategies. Bad Bounty focuses on giving you access to a restanding VG turn and Nightmist helps with multi attacking, power gaining, and restanding existing RGs.

So units that call themselves or call others, are very useful in these turns. Sometimes the cards in your hand are NOT good RGs, they may be great cards for guarding only.

It’s worth noting that since you’ll be seeing 5 drive checks on a Bad Bounty turn, you can stack any triggers onto Forbode.


At the moment, we’re starting to see a new set of skills that Granblue hasn’t had to a certain degree. For example, last reveal was Skeleton Sea Navigator, I mentioned in his article that his skill was to mill the top 5 from deck. Usually, skills have milling in their cost but this was reverse. 5 cards is significant and if the skill resolves 2 times, then you’ll already achieve the 10+ cards in the drop zone. Forbode can be one of those cards being milled by Skeleton Sea Navigator and thus can use it very early on.

Other prior self reviving units involved using a CB as the cost. Forbode replaces it with a discard from hand.

In fact some self reviving units had more than just a CB cost. OG Captain Nightmist had to also retire one of your RGs and Cody has an AUTO condition to trigger.

So what are you getting at? Glad you asked! I think there’s still more potential skills yet to come that will further open the possibilities of how new variants can take a new route on play style and winning image.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, it’s a neat card but personally I’d like to see more support before even trying this new ship card. Cards that have discard as part of the cost are usually a double edge sword. So anything new that helps with that cost or enhance the use of this card would help a lot with actually using this card. Til next time amigos, see ya!

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