Racking Frankini And Night Player Zombie

Today’s Card Spotlight will cover 2 units that were just revealed! We’ll also cover some new speculations about Nightrose. Let’s cover them!

Racking Frankini’s Skill:
AUTO (RC) When placed from drop zone, COST [Counter Blast 2], and this unit gets Power+25000 until end of turn.

Night Player Zombie:
No skill, but a 9k G1 and no shield value.


  • Frankini becomes a 34k beater. (I believe it’s the biggest G2 beater to date.)
  • Night Player Zombie can be used for Zazan based decks since it’s vanilla. (Assuming room allows it)


  • 2CB for Frankini’s skill. (Like wow, that’s a lot!)
  • Frankini only activates when brought revived. (Most revival skills cost 1CB)
  • Night Player Zombie doesn’t have much utility and won’t be used in most decks.

These are pretty straightforward and honestly a card like Frankini having 2CB as cost is hefty! Not to mention that it has to be brought from the drop zone to even activate?! Usually revival skills cost 1CB so that’s a total of 3CB, yikes!

Speculations For Nightrose

Wait, could this be a clue for Nightrose’s skill? What do you mean? Glad you asked!

CB Cost Reduction

I’m sure we can all agree that Frankini’s cost of 2CB is a hefty one. So what if the new retrain of Nightrose has something to do on CB cost reduction? For example, what if she reduces the cost of CB by 1. That would make some units free to use or more affordable to use!

Some cards that costs a CB:

  • Cannoneer
  • Colombard
  • Mighty Rogue, Nightstorm
  • Negrolazy
  • Negrobone
  • Captain Nightmist (V Era)
  • Seven Seas Pillager, Nightspinel (V Era, doesn’t need a Seven Seas VG)

Now imagine these being free to use! It would also be great if the skill was applied to the player as an on place skill, so then we can Stride and even potentially have CB reduced costs for our strides as well!

Assuming we have CB reduction, then this means we have access to a G2 that becomes a 34k beater. So cards like Colombard, Nightstorm, Negrolazy, and Captain Nightmist can also revive Frankini fairly easily.

CC1 Or CC2

Or the other side of the speculation is that Nightrose will CC 1-2 at the end of the turn. Grenache got retrained as a normal on ride draw one starter. So perhaps sticking a CC skill to our VG, is a way to make up for it.

This allows us to play in a similar fashion that G Era Nightrose plays. We go all out and use most or all of our CB in one turn and then just refund it with Grenache by CC2 or CC4.

Perhaps the amount of CC we can do can scale with certain conditions. Maybe increase the CC by 1 for every G3 in the Soul +1 like Cocytus.

New Nightrose RG Support Won’t Cost CB

Also, another consideration is that the new RG support may not CB much. So having the VG and Frankini being the only units that CB, then it may have a chance for usage.

Beaters with gained skills can be a big threat such as sentinel restriction or gaining more Criticals. So either Nightrose or the RG support can do so without costing a CB.

Final Thoughts

Currently as is, I’m not really a fan of these 2 new reveals. One is a hefty cost to use and the other is a vanilla with limited utility. Literally, last Card Spotlight with Tommy, there’s tight space in the G1 slots and Night Player Zombie doesn’t have a strong chance to fight for it.

Like I mentioned, it has opened the speculation of Nightrose or her RG support to reduce CB costs or CCing. So that’s another thing to consider and as we see more reveals, we can see if it starts panning out in that direction.

They mentioned that Nightrose will be revealed at the end of the set reveals. Which will be still a bit till then. However, we’re going to start seeing more of the RR and up reveals soon. Tommy was one of them recently and so we can expect some more Nightrose support cards to finally be revealed.

I’m still excited to see more Granblue reveals and I have a positive expectation we’ll get some really great cards. Thanks for reading and til next time amigos!

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