Granblue 3000 Years Later Becomes Stoicheia

A lot of news about the new overDress series has been revealed! Let’s cover on how our beloved clan Granblue has been affected!


As you can see Magallanica no longer exists as a nation anymore. In fact, both Granblue and Aqua Force joined with the Zoo clans into one nation (under one Messiah, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all haha).

This new nation is Stoicheia! Interesting name for the the clans! There has been some artwork revealed as well, here’s some of it:

I do like how the nature has mixed with the aquatic look from our beloved clan. It almost reminds me of an Atlantis-like city. Similar to Final Fantasy 15’s Altissia:

I wonder how our Granblue units are part of the society? Are they fancy looking Vampire Pirates? Are they more civilized? Is there a Ghost Water Forest too?

First Set Of Stoicheia Units And Character

They do look like Great Nature-like units! See for yourself!

I’m not sure how to feel about it myself yet ha. But I hope more of Granblue’s art or even Aqua Force’s will be incorporated.

Megumi Okura will be the character representing Stoicheia! As well as the main unit called Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia! Here’s more info on the starter deck!

Great Sage, Stoicheia

The Great Sage herself, Stoicheia!

I like the Great Sage look! It’s almost like a Wizard looking aesthetic! She looks more likely to have units that look like Granblue more. We still have to wait and see for more news!

Granblue Units?

There was more artwork shown in the trailer, but it wasn’t confirmed that these Granblue-like units are from Stoicheia! Check it out:

Blue and purple are definitely Granblue colors. I see the skulls and ghostie-like units too. Looking closely at the unit with the black coat, it almost could be an Aquaroid from Aqua Force, but zombified!

I would be super excited to see our Stoicheia units with these style of art! What are your guys thoughts?

Rogue of the Seven Seas Blog Moving Forward

I honestly see this as an opportunity to grow the blog! The Premium and old Standard formats will still be supported:

Granblue will still exist in both Premium and V Premium. Furthermore, there will be a V Selection Clan set to support V Premium. More info to come on that.

For the new Standard format (D Format), I will look forward to publishing new articles and discuss a variety of topics:

  • Stoicheia starting off from scratch
  • How Stoicheia cards will help Granblue in Premium
  • New mechanics, skills, etc. in the Stoicheia
  • Much more

So overall, this will become a Granblue + Stoicheia blog! Organization will happen as the new sets reveal themselves and more info is presented to us!

My Thoughts As A Whole

On my YouTube channel, I cover my thoughts as well outside of just Stoicheia. Feel free to check it out!

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is SUPER exciting! It’s something fresh with the nation based support, format changes, CLAMP artwork into Vanguard, and more new things to come! Can’t wait to write up more articles!

I’m also excited to see if this opens up possibilities for additional writers to write for the blog! It’ll be refreshing to have someone that has Zoo nation experience to share their insight and passion on here! If you know anyone or are one yourself, let me know and contact me!

What are your guys’ thoughts? Are you excited? Till next time amigos!

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