Ghostie Leader, Beatrice And Support

She’s finally been revealed amigos! Let’s cover her in today’s Card Spotlight!!

Card Effect(s)
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placedCOST [Soul Blast (1)], and call a card not named “Ghostie Leader, Beatrice” from your drop zone to (RC).
[CONT](VC):All of your units with “Ghostie” in their card names on your (RC) or (GC) get “Intercept” and [Power]+5000/[Shield]+5000.
[AUTO](VC):When your rear-guard is retired by a card’s ability during your turn, COST [Counter Blast (1)], and call a card with “Ghostie” in its card name and grade less than the grade of the retired unit from your drop zone to (RC).


  • Gives +5k Power AND Shield to all Ghostie RGs/GC!
  • The on place, SB1 skill is generic (revive ANYTHING and also is RC)
  • Can revive a lower Grade Ghostie similar to Demetria from G Era
  • The revival skills aren’t 1/Turn nor a HARD 1/Turn
  • Even the newly revived units get the power up.
  • Doesn’t care about opponent’s VG Grade, so can be full power when you ride it


  • The buff could have been stronger because only Ghosties get it (limited Ghosties)

Mostly I’m happy with the skills provided. It does have that old Ghostie feeling back in G Era! What’s cool about this card is that it can be its own deck or splashed in as a tech. Let’s dive into the support too!

Both units have a skill that retires them at the end of battle! Which enables us to use Beatrice CB1 revival skill. Both of those skills also CC1 if we haven’t yet with them, so then the CB1 from Beatrice is mitigated.

  • Jessie becomes a 19k attacker with its power up skill and Beatrice’s
  • Damian becomes a 13k attack with Beatrice’s skill (can hit VG on its own)

Jessie can call itself during the Main phase by retiring 2 RGs. This is interesting since it doesn’t cost a CB nor a SB.

Damian has a great consistency buff in terms of selectively milling a Ghostie from deck into drop zone. Damian can search for ALL 3 of these cards and others that have the Ghostie name. Furthermore, both in Standard and Premium, we can fetch to drop both the Ghostie Heal trigger and PG, then grab them from drop with Greed Shade.

Standard Impact

Currently, Nightrose has been our main Standard variant that has been use for the competitive scene. I feel Beatrice can be splashed into it as a tech alongside with maybe Damian and Jessie

What comes to mind immediately is that the on place, SB1 skill works on RC! So we can do 5 attacks with only needing 1CB overall! How so?

Main Phase:

Set up 2 Skull Dragons onto RC with 2 Negrobone’s skill

Battle Phase:

  1. Skull Dragon #1
  2. Skull Dragon #2
  3. Nightrose 12k/22k
    1. CB1 -> Call both Skull Dragon and Beatrice to a column
    2. SB1 -> Call 2nd Skull Dragon onto other front row
  4. Skull Dragon #1
  5. Skull Dragon #2

This is really good! We don’t have to rely as much on making sure we can CC with Cutlass to have 2CB ready for our turn. Furthermore, we can revive or call Jessie from hand to CC1 during the battle phase, if we were CB denied. Damian can be splashed in to help selectively fetch Beatrice or Jessie.

Its Own Deck Variant

Can we have a pure Ghostie deck? Actually, for the most part, it’s possible! Here’s a list of V Series Ghosties:




As you can see there are some options! However, I think only a select few are definitely good to have.

Some potential cards that will more likely be used:

  • Rick the Ghostie Heal trigger (it actually gets both +5k as RG or Guardian)
  • Chappie the Ghostie (it becomes big enough to hit on its own, great Beatrice revival target)
  • Dolph the Ghostie (fetch to drop with Damian, then grab with Greed Shade)
  • Pat the Ghostie (great additional defense from the drop and will gain +5k Shield with Beatrice too)
  • Tommy the Ghostie Brothers (G3 consistency increase and 13k/18k booster/attacker)
  • Ben the Ghostie (fetch to drop with Damian and SB1 to revive it as an extra unit to use)

Key generic cards to use:

  • Skull Dragon
  • Colombard
  • Greed Shade
  • Ghost Ship (draw power)
  • Ripple Banshee (draw power and booster)
  • Negrobone
  • Navigator (potentially more faster mill)

So I feel overall, it may be a hybrid build with more focused on Beatrice being on VC.

Premium Impact

Now onto some more cool interactions!

Bad Bounty Synergy

Beatrice becomes a ride target for Bad Bounty’s skill! What’s cool is that when we reride with Beatrice, we can SB1 to revive a Skull Dragon to further our attack pressure. Our Ghosties too will start to see the power buff as well. Then we can further chain Ghostie attacks with Jessie, Damian, etc.

Negrolily Play (Credit to Evan Alberto)

This I’m excited for! Evan had mentioned to me that the old Pseudo Denial Griffin play can now be done in ANY Granblue variant! Let that sink in for second. Okay good, let me explain how it works.

When Your Opponent Attacks

  1. G Guard into Negrolily
    1. CB1 & Retire one of your RGs -> Choose Beatrice to call as the Ghostie normal unit and Negrolily gains +10k shield
  2. Since Beatrice is placed onto RC her skill activates
    1. SB1 -> Revive Skeleton Cannoneer and Hollow it
    2. CB1 -> Cannoneer retire ANY opponent’s RG

So what changed exactly? Before, Nightrose from G Era with her GB2 skill, was the key in reviving Cannoneer. Now, we just need to make sure we can use Negrolily and grab Beatrice from drop.

Furthermore, the unit that we wanted to revive had to be retired during the opponent’s battle phase. If they retired that unit beforehand, then our play wouldn’t work. Now, we just need to have 1 RG to retire for the cost of Negrolily. Which was already a requirement since it retired the desired unit to revive beforehand. However, we do have an extra card involved, we now need Beatrice and the desired card in the drop/RC.

Remember, we can revive other units to help out defensively:

  • Mick the Ghostie (+10k to our VG, 22k base)
  • Greed Shade (Grab heals, sentinels, Ultimate Stride fodder)
  • Grenache G Era (CC2 for a total of CC1)
  • Etc

There’s more, how so? Glad you asked! What’s awesome is that we can G Guard a 2nd time, and do the play AGAIN!

Wait what? So remember that NOW Negrolily is the one that calls Beatrice, so a new Negrolily will do the same thing. You can retire the Cannoneer from the prior one as the cost for Negrolily too, then revive Beatrice which revives Cannoneer again.

But wait, does that mean we need a 2nd Beatrice? No actually, you just need the 1 Beatrice and the 1 Cannoneer to work with. Let me show you the sequence:

  1. G Guard into 1st Negrolily
    1. Retire any RG for the cost and call Beatrice
    2. Revive Cannoneer onto the same RC as Beatrice (Beatrice will go to drop zone)
  2. G Guard into the 2nd Negrolily
    1. Retire the Cannoneer for the cost and call the same Beatrice from drop
    2. Revive the same Cannoneer (that’s it!)

Wow that’s pretty cool! The Negrolily play with Beatrice and Cannoneer cost 2CB and 1 SB, so be mindful of your resources. So doing this twice, we be a total of 4CB and 2SB.

Is this useful? Most of the time not really, usually a well timed Negrolily play is good enough. But in the event you’re facing a double problem like double Gleipnir against Fenrir, then that 2nd Negrolily play can save you potentially.

Keep in mind you can do other plays too if you do G Guard a 2nd time. You can revive Grenache G to help CC2, overall you’ll have an extra CB to work with when you start your turn.

You can revive Mick the Ghostie the first time to make your VG 22k base against Accel decks. Then revive the Grenache G to fully refund your CB that you used for both Negrolilys.

Attack Extending Further

In Premium, we have Nightstorm to extend attacks! What’s great is the timing since it revives at the end of the battle it attacks. A play with Nightstorm and Colombard while have Nightrose V as your VG, is that you could bounce revive between them. Like a mini loop. However, both units used a CB to generate another attack.

With Beatrice, we can simply replace Colombard with her to use a SB1 instead. So now 2 attacks will need 1CB and 1SB.

Battle Phase (With Nightrose V as VG)

  1. X unit
  2. Nightstorm (16k)
    1. CB1 -> At end of battle, revive Beatrice onto other front row
    2. Nightstorm self-retires due to Nightrose V’s skill
    3. SB1 -> Beatrice will revive the same Nightstorm onto the same RC it was on
  3. Beatrice (17k and self-retires due to Nightrose V’s skill)
  4. Nighstorm (16)
    1. Repeat as many times possible

You can also revive a card like King Serpent, Tear, etc. to CC and/or SC with a Nightstorm/Beatrice from the Nightrose V column call.

Also, you can stride into Bad Bounty to get a 2nd VG attack and reride into Nightrose. Then proceed with the Nightstorm/Beatrice loop.

Ghostie Battle Phase Revival Attack Pattern

Here are the Ghosties in action with chain attacks!

Skull Dragon + Jessie + Damian + Chappie V (Credit to Outer Orange)

During your battle phase, Beatrice will revive a lower grade Ghostie unit if it sees a unit retire.

  1. Skull Dragon
    1. Self-retires, CB1 -> Revive Jessie
  2. Jessie (19k)
    1. Self-retires, CC1
    2. CB1 -> Revive Damian
  3. Damian (13k)
    1. Self-retires, CC1
    2. CB1 -> Revive Chappie V
  4. Chappie V (20k)

Remember, that’s just one column. So you can do the same thing on the other column depending on how much CB you have left. Chappie V can then intercept to become a 15k shield thanks to Beatrice’s skill.

Other Key Highlights

  • The Obadiah stride has the Ghostie name in it! So cards that require the Ghostie name work even if your Heart isn’t a Ghostie
  • If Beatrice is your main VG, your field can be used defensively to help preserve hand
    • Keep in mind though against matchups that remove your RGs
  • Damian can fetch and mill key Ghosties
    • Rick and Dewey Heal triggers (Grab with Greed Shade to hand)
    • Ghostie PGs (Grab with Greed Shade to hand/Negronora)
    • Bale the Ghostie to CC if your Heart is Nightrose or vice-versa
  • If Beatrice is your main VG, you can stride into Twilight Nightrose to gain the name so Ghosties like Bale can help and even Negrobone G.
  • You can use Navigator to help get your Ghostie pieces faster into drop

Final Thoughts

Just wow! A lot of cool new interactions that both Standard and Premium formats can use!

I wasn’t expecting Beatrice being so flexible with her skills! She literally gives the Granblue clan a buff since she can be teched in any variant. It reminds me of when we got Colombard V revealed.

This is super exciting and I can’t wait to see the builds that people come up with from play testing. I’m excited to play test with these new cards in both formats. Let me know your thoughts! Till next time amigos!

2 thoughts on “Ghostie Leader, Beatrice And Support

  1. Adding to Negrolily’s defensive play. The first Lily can help revive Beatrice which then can revive Cannoneer, if you only have 2 CB available to use, some other options are the following. If you have Nightrose as your VG, Bale the Ghostie is a good option to CC and extend your Lily plays. Have him out on the field prior to your Lily play so you may refund the CB from Lily. Let’s also say you have no Bale in drop and just 3 CB to work with. Instead of reviving a 2nd Cannoneer again, you can go for Honoly instead. There is so many combinations between all these cards and how easy it is to selective mill with Granblue, you can get the set up nicely. Use Obediah to help put important pieces in your drop to set up.


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