Thin-mist Banshee

Almost forgot to cover this one in a Card Spotlight! She’s definitely a card worth discussing. Let’s dive into it!

[AUTO]:When placed by your card’s ability, this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn.
[AUTO]:When retired from (RC) by your card’s ability, draw a card. This ability may only be used by a card with the same card name once a turn.


  • Draws us a new card when retired by our card’s ability.
  • Gets +10k if place via our card’s ability, so it’s a 19k beater.
  • Can be called from hand to help with the Nightrose turn and still maintain hand advantage.


  • The draw is restricted to our skills that retire. Can’t benefit if the opponent retires it.
  • The G2 space is tight and there’s some other important units.

Overall, this card is meant to help out Nightrose’s skills. We can’t really use it as easily in other variants of Granblue to fully take advantage of both its skills.

Thin-mist Banshee Vs Ghost Ship

Yep, this is pretty much the hot topic with this card. Ghost Ship does a similar function already.

Both cards get power and get us a new card when retired. So why bother playing Thin-mist? Plus we have Colombard that can fetch and revive Ghost Ship on turn 2 to draw a card and retire it. Ghost Ship is literally setup in the drop zone for the rest of the game for us to access via revival skills.

There is a key difference. Ghost Ship is a great card for sure! But it is restricted that it cannot be normal called to RC. You’re forced to discard it and then revive it if you want to even use it. That’s not a problem because we have Greed Shade, Negrobone, and Tommy and those can discard it.

The one issue that Nightrose runs into is setting up a main phase field formation. Without using any CB or SB, we would have to call from hand or use Negrobone. So what are some cards that we can from hand that don’t use a CB or SB resource and can still maintain advantage? That’s where Thin-mist comes into play. Let me cover a basic play.

Main Phase:

Assuming your field is empty.

  1. From hand, call Greed Shade to front RC. Use its skill to improve your hand quality.
  2. From hand, call Thin-mist Banshee to the other front RC.

Battle Phase:

  1. Thin-mist Banshee (9k + 5k = 14k) (retires due to Nightrose and draws us a new card)
  2. Greed Shade (9k + 5k = 14k/14k + 5k = 19k) (retires due to Nightrose)
  3. Nightrose VG (22k) (CB1 call a column of Ghost Ship and Tommy)
  4. Ghost Ship boosted by Tommy (24k + 5k + 13k + 5k = 47k) (they retire and Ghost Ship draws us a new card)

This basic play enables us to do a simple 4 attack turn with only 1CB resource used. We called 2 cards from hand to RC, but then we drew back 2 new ones via both Thin-mist Banshee and Ghost Ship.

Remember, we do have cards like Colombard and Captain Nightmist to revive cards but again it’s a CB. So Nightrose decks can easily go through 1-3 CB a turn. So this play can help out with using minimal CB. Also, instead of Tommy, you can revive Ripple Banshee as the booster and further draw another card.

Other Key Highlights

  • In Premium, our Negrolily G Guard, can retire it and we still get to draw a new card.
  • The Twilight Nightrose stride force Hollows all units, so when Thin-mist retires itself due to the force Hollow, we also can draw a new card.
  • Our GB8 stride, Galleon, also force retires so we’ll get the draw as well.

Final Thoughts

So the next big question is, do we play this card? In Standard, I can see it used 0-3 copies. You either play it enough to see it easily in your hand or access it via Greed Shade. Or you don’t play it at all. So there you go ha.

In Premium, I don’t see this card being worth playing because of 2 reasons.

  1. We have a tight G2 space in a Zazan build.
  2. We have other G2s that serve more purpose than it.

We stride more often enough in Premium, so we most likely won’t do a normal Nightrose V turn as often. In fact, Nightrose V will be abused on a Bad Bounty turn. We can also fall back to our other strides like Obadiah to generate a field for us and return our CB resources with Grenache/Tear.

The art work in this card is really nice. I’ll still pick some up for myself just to have and mess around with. If you can think of other interactions that can make this card worth playing, feel free to share! Thanks again for reading and til next time amigos!

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