Witch Doctor of Languor, Negrolazy (V Series)

Finally, we get see Negrolazy’s retrain! Let’s dive into it!

[AUTO](VC/RC):When placed, you may call a grade 0 from your drop zone to (RC).


  • Revives a G0.
  • No CB nor SB cost.
  • Skill works both on VC and RC.


  • Limited to reviving G0s.
  • No other skill at all.

A simple free revival skill but it’s very limiting. Let’s cover some G0s that can really be useful.

G0 Targets To Revive

I think the best one is Nightrunner from Seven Seas.

The new Nightrunner is a really good card because it’s like a Greed Shade for Seven Seas. So Negrolazy can revive one and we can immediately use it to fix our hand quality. Also, we can follow up with Nightcrow’s skill of retiring Negrolazy and reviving it.

To be honest, most people are thinking this is where the new Negrolazy will shine the most.

Both the new V Era cards Head-seas Banshee and Chappie the Ghostie V are some good boosters to revive. They have their separate requirements on achieving the +10k so there’s some flexibility. With these boosting Negrolazy, we can hit 24k. We can also call the booster onto another column, it’s not restricted to be behind Negrolazy.

However, these cards aren’t really being used at the moment and to use them just to make a Negrolazy do something doesn’t seem worth it. Plus that 24k number can easily be hit with another G2 which is Ghost Ship and draws us a card back. Which can refund us a card back in hand if we discarded for Negrobone’s skill or generate a +1 in hand. So Ghost Ship already does a better job at power and advantage in a more generic sense like Nightrose.

We do have some better G0 targets before V Era such as Grenache and Mick. Grenache allows us to CC2 at end of turn. So on an Obadiah turn, we can only revive so much, so perhaps reviving the Negrolazy that can revive Grenache is a play.

With Mick, it can power up Negrolazy by +10k and then we can force retire the Mick, so it can shuffle itself back to deck.

We can guard with cards like OG Rough Seas or Wild Seas and then next turn we call them to generate a +1 back to hand. OG Rough Seas will get us a new card in the main phase while Wild Seas will get us a new card in the battle phase.

These seem more viable uses and some of these are ran today in builds.

Other Key Highlights

  • If it’s called during the battle phase via Nightrose, we can call Head-seas or Chappie V onto the other front RC to be an extra attack. (Nightrose gives it a +5k too)
  • It’s a more low budget option if a player is creating a low budget deck.
  • You can do the GB2 Nightrose play with it to bring Mick without the need of an extra CB. (G Era Negrolazy requires CB and SB)
  • You can revive vanilla triggers if you’re playing the Zazan Cycloned build. (They get big enough to become big boosters or big attackers)

Does It Have A Place In Nightrose?

This is probably the big question since a lot of excitement build up was happening for this card. To be quite honest, I think we have all the support that we need and Negrolazy doesn’t seem to have a place.

G2 space is tight now and we have already the following:

  • Greed Shade
  • Colombard
  • Thin-mist
  • Ghost Ship
  • King Serpent (Premium only)

Plus there aren’t really good reasons to use some of the G0s outside of Nightrunner and Grenache. It’s very limiting.

Final Thoughts

Wow that’s it folks! Set is fully revealed now! Play testing and builds have been already made since last week. I think those will start to solidify into more consistent builds.

Unfortunately, Negrolazy doesn’t really help out now. Perhaps in the future, it may have a really good use.

Overall, the whole set was a good boost for Granblue! Now onto see how it performs with the meta game. Til next time amigos, see ya!

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