V Era Seven Seas Retrains!!

Hi amigos, recently Bushiroad revealed A LOT of the Seven Seas cards at once! As well as the new Treasure Marker. Let’s go over them!

Treasure Marker

By itself, a Treasure Marker doesn’t do anything. It also doesn’t belong in your deck. However, the new retrains get benefits for these existing on VC and RCs. I definitely like the artwork!

Also worth noting, ALL of the retrains have the skill:
[AUTO](VC/RC):When its attack hits, choose one of your (VC) or (RC) without any Treasures markers, and put a Treasures marker.

Which is nice to help with the consistency of getting a Treasure Marker. The on hit requirement isn’t as bad since we’re able to also hit RGs. After talking a bit of the reveals, I will also discuss the likelihood of getting certain numbers of markers, key highlights, and other tips.

Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist

Oh snap! We got our G3 breakride retrained!

Main skill:
[CONT](VC):You get all of the effects below according to the number of your Treasures markers.
• 1 or more – All of your rear-guards with “Seven Seas” in their card names can attack and intercept from the back row.
• 3 or more – During your turn, all of your units with “Seven Seas” in their card names get [Power]+5000.
• 6 or more – This unit gets “[AUTO](VC):At the end of the battle it attacked, [Stand] all of your rear-guards with “Seven Seas” in their card names.”.

Again all of these skills add onto each other. So once you hit X or more, then they stay active.

The 1 or more skill is a super nice bonus skill where it allows us to do a couple of things:

  • We can have units in the back row attack to promote multi attack and increase our chances of generating more Treasure Markers per turn.
  • G2s can inherently intercept from the back row.
  • Key units can be safe from being attacked if they are kept in the back row.
  • Any G1s/G0s that gain “Intercept” can also properly intercept from the back row. (We have one unit that does this)

Keep in mind that G1s or G0s may not be able to hit VGs or RGs on their own by this point due to the opponent being at 9k/10k/12k/13k VG. However, that’s where the next skill helps!

The 3 or more skill gives +5k to ALL Seven Seas units (even VG too)!

  • G0s go 5k -> 10k
  • G1s go 8k -> 13k
  • G2s go 9k -> 14k
  • G3s go 12k -> 17k

Even our G0s can hit 10k G2 VGs, that’s pretty awesome! The G1s can hit 13k Force VGs on their own! Everything else means more shield for the opponent to guard with. This 5k power up helps with our multi attack Treasure Marker gaining strategy to go through to achieve higher counts.

The 6 or more skill is the skill that’s really worth gaining so many Treasure Markers. At the end of the battle that your VG attacked, restand ALL of your Seven Seas RGs!

So how many attacks can we do? Glad you asked! In Standard, we can do 11 in total! In Premium, we can do 12 because of a Bad Bounty stride turn!

Nightmist’s main skill reminds me of Megiddo where we have all units in ALL RCs to attack with. Now let’s move onto the G2s! I will reference back to Nightmist’s skill where each unit shines in playing their role in this new deck!

The Seven Seas G2s

Seven Seas Pilager, Nightspinel

On the left we have Seven Seas Pilager, Nightspinel! Gorgeous art too!

Main skill:
[AUTO](VC/RC):When placedCOST [Counter Blast (1) & put two cards from the top of your deck into the drop zone], and call up to one card with “Seven Seas” in its card name not named “Seven Seas Pillager, Nightspinel” from your drop zone to (RC).

Nightspinel is a card that is able to revive a Seven Seas unit, which helps with using the key units when needed and build field advantage. The cost also includes milling 2 cards! This helps with building up our drop zone with more resources to use and maximize our turns.

Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade

On the right we have Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade! He looks super dope! He also went from being a Common rarity to a Rare rarity ha!

Main skill:
[CONT](RC):During your turn, if there is a marker on this unit’s circle, this unit gets [Power]+15000.

Slash Shade is a beater! Any Marker on his RC, he gets the additional +15k. With a Treasure Marker he becomes a 24k beater and with a Protect II Marker he becomes a 29k beater!

The common skill that all of the Seven Seas units have (on hit get a Treasure Marker) is really determined if your attacks are able to go through. Having Slash Shade as a beater really helps promote the chances of hitting to generate enough Treasure Markers. If Slash Shade is retired, Nightspinel can revive it back to use him again.

Also worth noting, once you hit your G3 turn, Nightmist’s 3 or more skill will give Slash Shade another +5k. Which can make him 29k/34k on his own. Really good numbers and if you have the 6 or more skill active, then you can restand Slash Shade to attack once more. Remember, you can have multiple Slash Shades and even have them in the back row so your opponent can’t attack them!

The Seven Seas G1s and G0

Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner

Our G0 is Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner! Sweet art too!

Main skill:
[ACT](RC):COST [Bind this unit & put two cards from the top of your deck into the drop zone], and return a card with “Seven Seas” in its card name not named “Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner” from your drop zone to your hand.

Wait what? Return any Seven Seas card (except itself) to hand?! He’s almost like Greed Shade! In fact, he promotes milling and “replacing” himself with another Seven Seas card from the drop zone. He also has the on hit skill too, so even he can be an attacker that has pressure of hitting. And yes it’s a G0 we can main deck that isn’t a starting VG.

Witch Doctor of the Seven Seas, Raistutor

Our first G1 is Witch Doctor of the Seven Seas, Raistutor

Main skill:
[CONT](RC):If there is a marker on this unit’s circle, this unit gets “Intercept“.

Raistutor’s main skill is a bit different. His main skill is more defensive. G1s in V Era have 10k shield, which are really good for guarding. Gaining the Intercept ability allows us to guard with him still to protect either our VG or key RGs. Notice he just cares for a Marker, so even Protect II in a back row RC works as well. With Protect II he’s basically a 20k shield from the back row. A key unit to protect is Slash Shade. Even before you reach to G3, you can still utilize his shield value with a Treasure Marker.

Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow

Our second G1 is Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow! Really awesome artwork!

Main skill:
[ACT](Drop Zone):If you have a vanguard with “Seven Seas” in its card name, COST [Soul Blast (1) & retire a rear-guard not named “Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow”], and call this card to (RC).

Nightcrow is very similar to his original form. One key thing to point out, is that it costs a SB1 as part of the cost. It’s good because we can get units from the soul into the drop zone. One thing that is nice is that this card’s main skill activates when it’s in the drop zone. A lot of the new retrains’ main skills activate on field.

Nightcrow is a card you can use to guard with and then still be able to use his main skill. Also, we currently don’t have enough V Era Seven Seas cards to make a full deck in Standard. So there will be other Granblue cards being used. We can retire those non-Seven Seas RGs and replace them with Nightcrow.

The SB1 I believe is also a safe check in case of abuse. For example, when Guile Shade was revealed years ago, the Drop Zone skill didn’t have a SB1 as part of the cost at first. Which meant you could have infinitely recycle retire between her and Nightcrow from G Era. Why is that a big deal? A card like Nightspinel from G Era, gained power for each Seven Seas unit called to RC. So using cards like the original Obadiah stride to guarantee Guile and Nightcrow in drop zone, you could have made 2 infinite power RG columns. We as players recognized it and notified Bushiroad, and they added the SB1 as part of the cost to prevent abuse.

The Likelihood Of Generating Treasure Markers

The question that everyone has is when do we get 3 or 6 Treasure Markers? The result of a Treasure Marker means that a Seven Seas unit attack went through. Thankfully, we can even hit RGs and get the Treasure Marker. Calling boosters as well can help to make bigger attacks.

1 Treasure Marker: The easiest number to reach. As soon as we can ride to G1/G2 and attack with VG, there’s a good chance the attack will go through. You can even call a RG to poke first at their VG/RG.

3 Treasure Markers: If you go 2nd, there’s a good chance you may end with 3-4 Treasure Markers during OR by the end of your G2 turn. You can call RGs to poke at other RGs or VG and to get a Treasure Marker. Your opponent can be anywhere from 1-3 damage and some RGs retired due being attacked. If you went 1st, then you most likely ride to G3 which introduces the Protect II Gift. This gift can power up units and even have multiple Slash Shades get strong. We can also attack from the back row thanks to Nightmist’s 1 or more main skill. A twin drive from a G3 VG and multi attacks can help.

6 Treasure Markers: There’s a good chance you can achieve this on your Stride turn or 2nd G3 turn. You can still attack RGs with big numbers to get the remaining Treasure Gifts. Also, in Premium, you can do a Bad Bounty turn, your 1st attack can be your VG and then apply any triggers to your RGs. Then reride into Nightmist and his main skill is active once again.

This isn’t a guarantee but it gives you an idea on what kind of tempo you will go through.

Key Highlights

There are some key highlights that I like to mention that are pros and cons of this whole retrain set.


  • The set of cards work well together on achieving its own strategy.
  • All cards have the on hit get a Treasure Marker skill.
  • It has access to beaters, multi attack, revival, and even hand manipulation.
  • Very strong turn with 6 Treasure Markers and multiple Slash Shades on the field.
  • All cards except one, don’t need CB for their skills.
  • Protect II actually helps the deck in multiple ways.
  • In Standard, it’s a great deck to play for fun and should be budget.
  • In Premium, we have access to old Seven Seas support.


  • Nightmist as the main VG boss, his main skill does NOT have revival of RGs.
  • A heavy reliance of Treasure Markers.
  • To get full benefits, it must play as much of the new cards as possible.
  • Can’t be really splashed into other variants as a Seven Seas engine.
  • Does get hurt by clans that can retire, bind, lock, etc.
  • In Standard, it needs some more advantage gaining outside of Nightspinel.
  • In Premium, Nebula Dragon, Varioend Dragon can remove all Markers including Treasure ones.

The deck itself brings a fair amount of both pros and cons, that balances it out as a fair deck. It’s important to play test against different match ups to learn how to go about your games. Some match ups will be harder to properly setup for 6 Treasure Markers because of RG removal skills. Granblue has always been a RG centric clan but the difference is the main VG boss skill. Most of the G3 VGs in Granblue revive 1 to multiple RGs to generate a field and advantage. Nightmist’s main skill is RG centric but doesn’t revive any RGs and thus relies on your hand, field, and drop zone cards to build a field for it.

In Premium, we do have access to fantastic Strides that can revive multiple RGs which helps. However, that means we miss out on the benefits of Nightmist’s main skill. The Bad Bounty turn is great, but just like that Stride, building a field is the kicker.

Non-Seven Seas Units That Can Synergize

I like to mention a few Non-Seven Seas units that can synergize a bit with the new cards.

Both Greed Shade and Romario can aid in achieving the Treasure Marker gaining strategy.

Greed Shade is amazing because:

  • It mills 2 cards to add to the drop zone.
  • We can grab key units that we need for that turn such as Slash Shade, Nightspinel, Nightrunner, Nightmist, etc.
  • We can discard Nightcrow.

Romario can help:

  • 12k booster to help strengthen a Seven Seas attack.
  • If you go 1st, you can ride him and take a damage to do his skill next turn. (You can’t attack, so you might as well save a Seven Seas G1 for RG for next turn)

And once you’re done with these units, you can “replace” them with Nightcrow to have a full board of Seven Seas units and have the on hit pressure as well.

In Premium, we have access to both OG Dancing Cutlass and OG Rough Seas Banshee.

These cards help in digging deeper into your deck by drawing. We want to see our Seven Seas cards so these cards can help us to see them more consistently. Also, Dancing Cutlass can SB units into Drop Zone which can be your Seven Seas units as well. Do watch out for the soul count, because Nightcrow does use 1SB. Lastly, you can “replace” Dancing Cutlass with Nightcrow via his skill.

Standard Ideal Turn

So what’s the ideal turn look like for these new cards? Glad you asked! Make sure to have 6 Treasure Markers.

Field Setup:

  • VG must be Nightmist. Protect II on 1-2 RCs.
  • 4 Slash Shades as RGs.
  • 1 Nightmist as RG.

Battle Phase:

  1. Nightmist RG (17k)
  2. Slash Shade #1 (29k)
  3. Slash Shade #2 (29k)
  4. Slash Shade #3 (29k/34k) w/ Protect II
  5. Slash Shade #4 (34k) w/ Protect II
  6. Nighmist VG (17k) (Apply triggers on RGs) (restand ALL Seven Seas RGs)
  7. Nightmist RG (17k)
  8. Slash Shade #1 (29k)
  9. Slash Shade #2 (29k)
  10. Slash Shade #3 (29k/34k) w/ Protect II
  11. Slash Shade #4 (34k) w/ Protect II

11 attacks with most of them being 29k and up! That’s the ideal turn. Will this come up often, no but it’s the ideal turn. You can still do a deadly amount of attacks with even just 2-3 Slash Shades.

Premium Ideal Turn

So what about Premium, do we Stride? Glad you asked! Yes and make sure to have 6 Treasure Markers.

Stride Phase:

Stride into Bad Bounty. You can discard a Nightmist copy for the cost of Stride.

Field Setup:

  • Protect II on 1-2 RCs.
  • 4 Slash Shades as RGs.
  • 1 Nightmist as RG.

Battle Phase:

  1. Bad Bounty (27k) (Apply triggers on Slash Shades) (Reride into Nightmist)
  2. Nightmist RG (17k)
  3. Slash Shade #1 (29k)
  4. Slash Shade #2 (29k)
  5. Slash Shade #3 (29k/34k) w/ Protect II
  6. Slash Shade #4 (34k) w/ Protect II
  7. Nighmist VG (17k) (Apply triggers on RGs) (restand ALL Seven Seas RGs)
  8. Nightmist RG (17k)
  9. Slash Shade #1 (29k)
  10. Slash Shade #2 (29k)
  11. Slash Shade #3 (29k/34k) w/ Protect II
  12. Slash Shade #4 (34k) w/ Protect II

12 attacks with 2 of them being VG attacks! That’s the ideal turn. You can still do a deadly amount of attacks with even just 2-3 Slash Shades. The key thing is that we can attack with VG as the 1st battle to get the benefits of triggers that were drive checked. Put critical triggers onto Slash Shades. Thanks to this turn, we essentially turn our Slash Shades with +Crit into Aqua Force Restanders with +Crit!

Other Tips

Milling and Sequencing

If you need to mill more cards you can do a sequence of skills to promote that and still grab a key card like Slash Shade.

  1. Call Greed Shade to RG. (mill 2, discard Nightcrow, grab Nightrunner)
  2. Call Nightrunner to RG. (mill 2, bind itself, add Nightspinel to hand)
  3. Call Nightspinel to RG. (mill 2, CB1, revive Slash Shade on RC)
  4. From Drop, use Nightcrow. (SB1, retire Greed Shade, call itself to RC)
  5. Profit.

With 2 cards from hand we are able to mill 6 cards, SB1, and end up with 3 Seven Seas units on the field.

Fetch Slash Shades

We know that Slash Shade is a key card, but how can we fetch it directly? In Premium, we have access to both our Obadiah Stride and Chappie the Ghostie! If we need to setup still and/or build advantage then Obadiah can provide that for us. Chappie can be used early on to guard and protect our Seven Seas RGs, while being able to mill selectively.

Protecting Our Slash Shades

In Premium, G Guards like Negronora and Dizmel can aid in keeping our Slash Shades alive when they are attacked. Dizmel makes it so our Slash Shade can’t be hit or chosen by skills. Negronora can provide big shield or even call a PG from drop.

We can also just keep them in the back row since they can still attack from back there thanks to Nightmist’s main skill. This can be applied to Standard as well.

Seven Seas G Era Support

We do have access to the G Era support that Seven Seas has gotten. However, I think only a few cards may be worth trying out.

Plegton has the ability to superior ride in the beginning of your ride phase and also revive a RG on ride. This can help setup by reviving a Slash Shade and still normal ride a Nightmist over Plegeton. This gives you another option to revive key units outside of Nightspinel or adding to hand by Greed Shade/Nightrunner.

Raisruler is another RG that can revive anything but also give it +5k. With Nightmist’s +5k bonus, it becomes a 13k attacker so it can still hit Force VGs. And it can be restood too by Nightmist.

Styx is a card that can revive once your VG is a G3. It’s only cost is to go into soul. So it saves our CB and adds fuel for Nightcrow to SB. He’s able to revive G1 or greater Seven Seas, which is great for our selection.

Keep in mind that all of these skills make the revived unit retire at end of turn. But if you win that turn, it doesn’t matter ha.

Final Thoughts

That was a lot of content to go through ha! If you made it this far in reading, thank you very much! Overall, I’m excited to play with these cards! It’s different and yet nostalgic. Are you excited for these cards? Let me know in the comments. Til next time amigos!

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