Granblue Podcast Episodes

Hi there amigos! Today I’m going to cover another source of social media for Granblue content!

Nexus At Night Podcast

For those that don’t know, Atlas Novack and his co-hosts Matt and Alvin/Root Beer (aka LightningFish), have a podcast for Cardfight Vanguard!! They go over various topics, clans, states of the game, set reviews, etc. So it’s a variety of Vanguard content!

I actually wanted to highlight a few episodes that cover Granblue! I will give a brief summary about them so you can pick and choose on what you, as the reader, would like to listen to.

V Era Seven Seas Discussion

This episode covers the newly revealed V Era Seven Seas cards! Also, the Treasure Marker is introduced. We cover a more in depth type of discussion with the cards both in Standard and Premium.

List of cards covered in this episode:

  • Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist (G3)
  • Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade (G2)
  • Seven Seas Pillager, Nightspinel (G2)
  • Witch Doctor of the Seven Seas, Raistutor (G1)
  • Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow (G1)
  • Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner (G0)

Granblue Premium Profile Episode

This episode is geared to the clan’s history, the now, and the future! This is the most recent one that covers in depth from G Era to V Era now. Key cards, interactions, and decks are covered. I had the opportunity to be featured on this episode and discuss a lot of Granblue content.

Decks mentioned and highlighted are:

  • Seven Seas (Proper)
  • Nightrose
  • 7Runner (G1 Seven Seas Rush)
  • Basskirk
  • Cocytus

Granblue Clan Analysis Episode

This episode is also geared to the clan’s history up to G Era. The episode was recorded during the G Era time and even the meta game at time was discussed. Nightrose was a big highlight in this one! I was also featured on this episode and in the meta game with Nightrose too!

Set Reviews That Included Granblue

These are episodes where they discussed the clans in a new set that was released at the time. They talked about the new cards and how they could help the clans with the meta game. They even mentioned some cool interactions. Keep in mind they also covered the other clans in the set. Enjoy!

V Extra Booster 09: Butterfly d’Moonlight

V Extra Booster 08: My Glorious Justice

V Extra Booster 02: Champions of the Asia Circuit

G Character Booster 3: Rummy Labyrinth Under the Moonlight

G Booster Set 8: Absolute Judgment

Final Thoughts

Again this is another source of social media that provides Granblue content! It’s a welcomed edition to the growing list! Also feel free to check out their YouTube channel, Nexus Corps! They have a ton of Vanguard content!

Thanks again for reading and til next time amigos!

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