Tempest Sphere

Today’s Card Spotlight goes to a new Order card!

Skill: COST [Counter Blast (1) & Turn a card from your G zone face up]
Look at seven cards from the top of your deck, reveal up to two unit cards without [CONT], [ACT], and [AUTO] abilities from among them, put them into your hand, and shuffle your deck.

This card has a neat interaction on flipping any card in the G Zone face up. Let’s go over the Pros and Cons.


  • Enables Generation Break as soon as you ride to G1.
  • If you get the 1st Stride turn, you’ll be GB2+.
  • It helps with getting to GB3 and GB8 quicker. (Megiddo and Galleon)
  • You’re able to potentially get vanilla triggers such as Heals to later G Guard.


  • It costs a CB.
  • It’s in the main deck.

This card has its benefits but it does have some cons to consider. CB early on can be a challenge because it may restrict your G3 ride turn/1st Stride turn. Granblue heavily relies on CB management to do your plays. Now having another card that uses CB requires strategic planning. If you use this CB and have none on your big turns, you fall behind.

It’s in the main deck so we have to play with ratios on how often we would like to see this card. If we see it in the late game, is that too late?

Key Highlights

I think the best benefits are that it enables Generation Break and sets your 1st Stride turn to be stronger.

Cards like Nightstorm/Colombard can enable multi attack before Stride happens, which can be helpful. Cannoneer can retire and draw for you on your G3 Cocytus/Basskirk turns. A Nightrose deck can do more with units that are Generation Break restricted such as Negrolazy and Negrobone.

Our Strides get stronger much faster such as Obadiah, Twilight Nightrose, Negrosonger, etc. Cards like Dragut and Phantasm Nightrose become an option on 1st Stride.

Tips & Suggestions

Both Greed Shade and Romario are cards that mill and grab a card from drop zone. What’s really nice is that if you do mill an Order card, you can actually grab them with these cards. You can also mill it with the Obadiah stride if you really wanted to.

If you used the Order card and paid the CB, a card like King Serpent can help refund the CB cost of VGs that can massive field call such as Obadiah and Cocytus. You’re able to call more units with Obadiah because of an extra card faceup in the G Zone, so this can help mitigate the CB and use it during your battle phase to extend attacks.

Grenache can be called from hand/drop and Hollowed to ensure you CC2 at the end of the turn you used Tempest Sphere. However, be cautious of your hand advantage if called from hand.

You’re able to G Guard with Negronora right away if your opponent got the 1st Stride turn. You can even follow up with a Megiddo turn if appropriate since you’ll be at GB3.


This card does bring some good considerations to the table for Granblue. I’m sure play testing will reveal if this card is worth running after all. Till next time amigos, see ya!

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