Chad the Ghostie

We’re going over some small highlights our boy Chad helps in Granblue today. But Commander Jaime, it’s just a critical stride fodder? True.

Skill: [CONT](Hand):While paying the cost for Stride, this card may be discarded as a grade 3.

This card spotlight won’t be as in depth but I wanted to highlight some small things that are worth mentioning and even some possibilities.


  • 1 card to discard to be able to Stride!!
  • A critical trigger with a useful skill that we can use if milled. (Greed Shade grabs it to hand)
  • It is a staple in every Granblue variant.
  • His name is Chad. (I like it, Chad the Ghostie, it’s funny if you think about it)


None really. I guess some aesthetic complaints? Personally I like the Ghosties. Everyone has their preferences.

Key Highlights

Ride and Stride

Since it’s a stride fodder card, we can perform rerides during our Ride Phase much easier! Examples that come to mind are both Nightmist and Cocytus G3s. We can get breakrides to easily go off and Stride. We can get a new Protect marker with Cocytus and Stride.

I’ve had those moments where I had to decide to either:

  1. Stride immediately
  2. Just reride but not able to Stride
  3. Reride but use 2-3 cards to Stride

Now thanks to Chad, these hard choice scenarios will happen less often and we can maximize our plays.

Lower G3 Ratios

This is an interesting possibility because we can have less G3s to make more room for cards in the G1/G2 slots. However, some of our best RG units are G3s such as Skull Dragon and Nightstorm. It’s almost like a paradox or just a dilemma. Also worth to note, that both Skull Dragon and Nightstorm are cards that we WANT to discard for Stride because they end up in the drop if they are in our hand.

The possibility is still there, so I leave it to other Granblue players to come up with builds that can utilized this option. Otherwise, it just adds to the consistency of being able to Stride.

Other Small Things To Consider

These are just some small things to consider, so here’s a list:

  • Adds more consistency to be able to Stride even when running a high count of G3s.
  • You can eliminate the G1 stride fodders to make room for other G1s. (RIP Tommy)
  • While this card is in your hand and you G Assist for a G3, you can perform Stride still after G Assisting and riding to G3. (Similar to when you have a G1 stride fodder)
  • It’s a Ghostie and works well with a fun Ghostie deck.
  • It’s 15k shield value if needed to grab with Greed Shade/Romario in the early game. (if no heals are in the drop)
  • We now have 3 critical triggers that provide actual value and they all can be played in the same deck. (Wild Seas, Rough Seas OG, and Chad now) (RIP Cody)
  • Due to us selectively milling Skull Dragons/Nightstorms (which are G3s), Chad helps us avoid having to awkwardly Stride with 2-3 cards after an Obadiah turn. (This point goes credit to Solemn Vanguard)

Overall, it’s a great and welcomed addition to any Granblue deck! Definitely worth getting a play set! Till next time amigos, see ya!

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