This card can change your Premium Aqua Force deck!


My name’s Horth. As you all might or might not know, the Premium Format has the connotation of not being able to build decks easily due to not being able to acquire old cards as they are not that readily available. Most people would settle on getting their V-fight deck, attach a G-zone and call it a day. Well, I’m here to open people’s eyes about a certain card that I’m confused about that no one is using in their aqua force decks. (This card can be used in V-fight decks as well!)


For starters, let’s go over the skill.

When Frontal Sailor [Stands] in your front row, this unit gets +10000 [Power] until the end of turn.

This tells us 2 things.

a. As long as this gets to [Stand] at any given time, it WILL get the +10000. [Power]. This means no matter how many times it [Stand] or when it [Stand], this card will have Offensive AND defensive capability in the Rear-Guard circle. (Which means the Skill activates during your opponent’s turn as well)

b. Your opponent will have to make a choice, either give you damage by attacking your vanguard or use their resources to attack a rear-guard to prevent it from getting power at the start of your next turn.


It’s safe to say, any deck will get this card’s skill to activate at any given time. The skill itself is so generic that you don’t need any major planning when building a deck with Frontal Sailor.
Instead, I will give a general combo sheet as well as the mindset of Frontal Sailor plays to show you how you can use this card very effectively. (I will be demonstrating the combos with Accel II. You may add an additional +5000 [Power] if you want to calculate Accel I patterns. )


Cards that can take advantage of Frontal Sailor’s skill are cards that can activate the [Stand] condition multiple times. On top of the [Power] from the Stand Phase, Frontal Sailor’s main purpose is to become a beat-stick that can attack multiple times, and the more times it [Stand], the bigger the [Power] it will attack with on the following attacks.

Algos, Navalgazer Dragon, and Stride Lambros are perfect examples of cards that can fully utilize Frontal Sailor.

Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos

This interaction is really good during your grade 2 turns. You will be able to make 2 attacks that will be pretty beefy.

If you started first, You will be able to generate 3 attacks that will hit:-

1st Attack! – 7000 [Power] by Frontal Sailor.
2nd Attack! – 9000 [Power] with a drive check by Algos (Skill activates and [stand] Frontal Sailor).
3rd. Attack! – 17000 [Power] by Frontal Sailor again.

If you started second, before your grade 2 turn, you can call Frontal Sailor and attack with it, making it [Rest]. When your next turn starts, you will get +10000 [Power] to Frontal Sailor when it [Stand]. The combo will be the same as when you start first with the added [Power].

1st Attack! – 17000 [Power] by Frontal Sailor.
2nd Attack! – 9000 [Power] with a drive check by Algos (Skill activates and [stand] Frontal Sailor).
3rd. Attack! – 27000 [Power] by Frontal Sailor again.

Navalgazer Dragon

This interaction adds another attack to your Algos combo by Frontal Sailor!

If you have a Frontal Sailor still on your field from your previous turn, again it will automatically get that Stand Phase [Power].

The basic attack pattern will be:-

1st Attack! – 14000 [Power] Algos On the Accel Circle. (Skill activates to [Stand] itself.)
2nd Attack! – 17000 [Power] Frontal Sailor.
3rd Attack! – 22000 [Power] Navalgazer Dragon attacks with Twin Drive!! (skill activates to [Stand] Frontal Sailor).
4th Attack! – 14000 [Power] Algos on the Accel Circle.
5th Attack! – 27000 [Power] Frontal Sailor.

Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros (G-era)

This interaction can target up to 2 Frontal Sailors resulting in more pressure with sheer [Power] as well as more attacks!

have a Frontal Sailor still on your field from your previous turn, again it will automatically get that Stand Phase [Power].

The basic attack pattern would be:-

1st Attack! – 14000 [Power] Algos on the Accel Circle. (Skill activates to [Stand] itself).
2nd Attack! – 17000 [Power] Frontal Sailor (a).
3rd Attack! – 17000 [Power] Frontal Sailor (b).
4th Attack! – 27000 [Power] Lambros attacks with Triple Drive!!! (activates its skill to [Stand] Frontal Sailor (a) and (b). If there are 2 face-up cards in the G-zone, the Frontal Sailors will gain an additional +10000 [Power] ).
5th Attack! – 27000/37000(Lambros power-up) [Power] Frontal Sailor (a).
6th Attack! – 27000/37000(Lambros power-up) [Power] Frontal Sailor (b).
7th Attack! – 14000 [Power] Algos on the Accel Circle.


There are also some other cards that you can keep in consideration. However, they do have some kind of “restriction or con” that might stray you away from running them. BUT, I’ll present them to you still so you get more options when building.


So. Orthia is here because YES it can [Stand] any rear-guard that it [Boost]. HOWEVER, this has 2 caveats. But also advantages too!

– This unit has [Resist] over 3 circles, Vanguard, Rear-guard AND Guardian Circles. This means it cannot be chosen by card effects.
– This adds an additional attack on your Frontal Sailor Column after the [Boost].

– This needs Generation Break {1}. This means you won’t be able to activate Orthia’s skill until you either G-guarded once OR Stride into your upcoming turn. (This means early game usage is almost non-existent)
– This one isn’t really a Con if you don’t mind it. When Orthia [Boost] Frontal Sailor, although Frontal Sailor activates its skill to +10000 [Power], you will have to -5000 [Power] due to Orthia’s effect.


[AUTO]: When this unit is placed on (RC), if your vanguard is “Flagship Dragon, Flagburg Dragon“, choose one of your other rear-guards, and it gets “[AUTO](RC): When this unit attacks if it is the first battle of this turn, COST [Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1)], and [Stand] this unit.”
 until the end of the turn.

Now here is another card that has a type of restriction in its usage. High-Rate Burst Dragon needs you to have an already existing Flagship Dragon, Flagburg Dragon to be your Vanguard. Although this gives you a limitation on what you will have for your Heart/Vanguard, this also means that you can give Frontal Sailor the ability to [Stand]!


As you can see, there is a pattern with all the cards that I’ve shown you. They all are able to [Stand] another rear-guard. Andrey is no exception. However, this card is a bit special due to a few interactions.

a. On top of being able to [Stand] Frontal Sailor during the battle phase, this also give you Soul as well as space for you to add another rear-guard. This means you are able to call a rear-guard to [Boost] the Frontal Sailor.

For example:-

Let’s take a Navalgazer Dragon board state. As you can see, we have 5 damage. (I know its bad, but we will demonstrate this for the potential and spark for you guys to figure out what you could do with this combo). As you can see, we have an Officer Cadet, Andrey at the back of the frontal Sailor. We can use Andrey’s skill to not only give Frontal Sailor another attack, we also replenish [Soul] for us to do the next step.

We are now Able to call a Battle Siren, Orthia at the back of the Frontal Sailor. This means that we are able to [Stand] Frontal Sailor 2 more times! (Note: Keep in mind that multiple uses of Officer Cadet, Andrey WILL stack on top of Frontal Sailor so you will be able to attack MORE times than you thought you could).


There is another way to get Frontal Sailor’s Skill to activate. It is a bit unique on the way you execute it but the majority of the Aqua force community probably know these cards.

All of these cards displayed above have one common effect/cost which is to rest a rear-guard in order to activate their skills. If you target a Frontal Sailor, Whenever it [Stand], the skill activates.


This Card allows you to have a 2nd “Stand Phase”, resulting in any amount of Frontal Sailors on your field to activate their skill TWICE as long as they were [Rest] by card effects.
What does this mean for the deck? A Grade 3 turn that can potentially kill before your opponent could have the chance to ride into grade 3. Here’s how you can execute that line of play.

This is the basic board state that you would want to have. (Pursuit Assault may be changed to Agias if you play the English Format).

1. Use your skills to rest a minimum of 3 cards. In this case, you have Pursuit Assault and Thavas who can rest your rear-guards.

2. Once you have the necessary board state, you can use Thavas’s Skill to proceed to battle phase, and superior ride Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros (V-era) from the deck to activate its skill to [Stand] ANY amount of rear-guards. It should look like this:-

As you can see, we managed to activate Frontal Sailor’s skill twice, resulting in a +20000 [Power] boost. On top of this, we are able to use Lambros’s skill to stand a column which of course, we will choose our Frontal Sailor’s column resulting in:-

3. Stand Triggers

Stand Triggers are something that is also a consideration to activate Frontal Sailor’s skill. However, I would advise against using stand triggers in general in aqua force. The reason is, most aqua force decks prefer to run Critical Triggers due to the sheer amount of pressure it can give. But if you do want to test it out, feel free to use Stand Triggers in your deck.


Here is an example of a build that has Frontal Sailor in it. As you can see, it’s pretty much a simple Thavas Deck List that has frontal sailor in it. You can take this as a base for your build and change to your liking.

This takes what we’ve learned from the article and builds upon the combo centered around Frontal Sailor. You can take this as a base for your build and change to your liking.

Overall, adding this 1 COMMON card that anyone has access to will bring your deck’s power to another level. This doesn’t mean that it SHOULD be in every single Aqua Force deck, but it is another card for you to keep in mind when deck building. Hey if I’m running it, you should too. From one gamer to another, look at this card when you’re building your deck, and try and fit it in.

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