Extra!! Extra!! Triggers W/ Skills In overDress!!

Hi amigos, it was announced that we’ll be getting triggers with skills! Let’s dive into some quick aspects! Enjoy!


This is fantastic! The triggers themselves go into Soul after boosting a unit! This skill overall is important for these reasons:

  • Boost to pass a threshold
  • Give another unit +2k to pass another battle threshold
  • Goes into Soul for resources for other skills to utilize

Sometimes having that extra power from a booster or skill can make the difference in dealing that 6th damage in final turns.

But the biggest impact is that fact that it adds to the Soul. Many cards use the Soul as part of their costs for skills.

A great example is Alchemagic in a Zorga deck! The deck literally uses a card like Hendrina to negate Soul Blasts costs! With these triggers now, a deck like Zorga can now have more flexibility with using other cards that use Soul more often.

Same thing goes for the other Nations too and moving forward with the new Ride Lines.

Are Triggers W/ Skills Healthy For The Game?

That’s a great question! Some people have concerns when it comes to triggers that have skills. Mainly it’s due to prior triggers in the game that literally made decks really powerful or even created loops.

Key examples are Tahro, Refros, and many others.

But that’s the key thing, it depends on the skill itself. Regardless of a card being a trigger or not, ultimately the skill is what makes a card “busted”, “dangerous”, “broken” , etc.

Right now, we see these skills and they’re all the same within the Nations. Due to the nature of the skill, the Nations are in essence on equal footing as well. So there’s no real concern to have.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I’m excited to see triggers having skills in general. Overall, I’m the type of person that likes to have each card do something to benefit the deck. Generally, with most (or all) the cards in your deck having skills, it makes games much more interactive.

overDress is still young in its stages, so sometimes the decks we play currently can get boring fairly quickly. I also look forward to having defensive skills too such as the new Heal G3s from the V-Premium Collection we’re receiving. What are your guys’ thoughts about triggers having skills? What would you like to see moving forward?

Thanks again for reading and till next time amigos!

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