Knight of Friendship, Cyrus

Hi amigos, today we have a new reveal! Today’s Card Spotlight is Knight of Friendship, Cyrus! Let’s dive into it!

ACT (RC) 1/Turn COST [Soul Blast 2], reveal the top card of your deck, if that card is a unit, call it to (RC), otherwise, put it into your hand.


  • +1 in hand or field advantage
  • Can superior call higher Grade units than the current VG
  • Multiple copies of this card can be used in the same turn
  • Cost is only SB, so it cannot be CB denied by our opponent
  • Can be helpful in matchups that retire, lock, bind, imprison, etc. our units


  • Cost requires 2 SB, a bit heavier than most units
  • The card on top of the deck is random
    • Could call a non-useful unit
  • There are already other units in the starter deck that use the Soul, it can conflict

overDress D Format Impact

This card seems like a balanced card when looking at the cost per value in its skill. One thing though, it would help if the other cards, yet to be revealed, can SC. Perhaps our Order Card, Call to the Beasts, may SC to some extent to help with the SBing costs that some of our key units have already.

I still feel this card has some good use on building some type of advantage. It reminds me of a card like Denis from Aqua Force.

In my experience in using a card like Denis, it helps in thinking of the randomly superior called card as just a “body” to work with. If you call a very useful unit (or grab our Order Card), then we can see it as a bonus.

I also see this card really helping out in certain matchups against Dragon Empire and Brandt Gate. It can potentially help conserve some hand or in making a recovery turn.

Premium Impact

So as we’ve seen with the prior reveals, this card can be used in any of the clans but I feel that the current clan support is still superior.

What came to mind was certain moments that this card could use the Soul and/or generate a +1 in general.

However, an equivalent-like card that comes to mind is Light Signals Penguin Soldier. And cards like these aren’t used really anymore. So the premium use may not happen with this card.

Artwork Thoughts

The artwork is really epic! I mentioned in my prior article that we were thinking it sounded Paladin-like. But it turned out more Musketeer-like from Neo Nectar! Moving forward it would be cool to see more of these guys in newer support. Definitely welcomed!

Final Thoughts

Like I’ve mentioned, if the new reveals include cards that can SC, I can see this card being used multiple times in a game. As we saw already with Dark States, their Order card can SC2.

What are your guys’ thoughts? Is it too early to tell? What are some skills that we could use to help out with what we know so far?

Till next time amigos, see ya!

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