Clan Selection Plus Reveal!! More Granblue Support!!

Hi amigos! Yesterday we got some amazing news that every clan will be getting new support in the form of two sets! Each set is part of the Clan Selection Plus support. Let’s dive into it!

What Are We Getting From The Set?

We are getting:

  • 4x Reprints (1 being a Draw PG)
  • 3x New cards
  • 1x Clan Ticket Shield

I think with this set, we could potentially get some really good reprints to such as Skull Dragon, Greed Shade, and Ripple Banshee.

Edit: It was just revealed that in fact we are getting the following reprints:

  • Skull Dragon
  • Greed Shade
  • Ripple Banshee

Also, for those who don’t want to get the SP rarity of the Ticket Shield for Granblue, you now have the chance to get a common/rare one! Not 100% sure on rarity, it can be either I believe.

Lastly, we’ll be getting 3 NEW cards so let’s speculate from what we’ve seen and know!

A New G3 Vanguard

Granblue is receiving a new G3 vanguard and her name is Ghostie Leader, Beatrice!

I’m excited to see a whole new unit! It was also mentioned that it will be a more Ghostie based deck! That’s right! Ghosties are making a comeback!

Let’s address the elephant in the room. As you can see with the artwork, she’s leaning more towards the “Loli” side. She almost can be a Bermuda Triangle unit! But other than that aspect, I really like the rest of the artwork for these reasons:

  • Hard/rough waves in the background
  • The purple lightening
  • The new different colored and shaped Ghosties
  • Her red pirate outfit with the wings

Together overall, the artwork just really goes well together!

Speculation on Beatrice’s Skills

The next hot topic! Sure we know that it’ll be more Ghostie based as a deck, but what kind of skills will Beatrice have? I have some thoughts that I like to share!

Different From Nightrose And Cocytus

In G era, we had our first Ghostie G3, in terms of Demetria. She also paired very well with her sidekick Clemmie!

Demetria’s 1st skill is like Nightrose G’s GB2 skill but more restricted. That’s why cards like Clemmie synergized well with her because it was a beater and can be used defensively. There’s more cards that helped too but I won’t list them all.

What I would like to see from Beatrice is to be somewhat unique and different from what we’ve seen already from Cocytus and Nightrose. Why would I play Beatrice if she would become a restricted Nightrose V for example. Or another Cocytus type of skills?

Demetria’s 2nd skill was actually useful in terms of hand generation and further setting up the drop zone for more Ghosties. That’s something that can be still appreciated.

Utilizing The Bind Zone As A 2nd Drop Zone

This idea was mentioned by both Evan and Ian. Over the years, we’ve seen a few units that interact with the bind zone. Both Evil Shade and Pat the Ghostie come to mind.

These units have neat skills that I feel will gain more viability if they’re reusable or the cards that are bounded. This can create a cycle of reusing units once we have them available via the drop zone. We won’t have to be so dependent on milling more in the late game.

So three skills come to mind with Beatrice with this in mind!

  1. During your opponent’s turn, you can guard with units that are from the bind zone.
  2. An the end of each turn, you can recycle cards from bind zone to drop zone.
  3. Main phase or battle phase, you can revive units from the bind zone.

These are unique enough to consider Beatrice as a stand alone deck. Not only that, we also have access on being able to use generic cards like Negrobone and Colombard since they are still key cards.

Also, it’ll be much more easier with certain matchups such as Narukami with Vanquisher or Nubatama with Shiranui. Those types of decks bind our cards and typically go for key cards like Skull Dragon and Ghost Ship. So it can improve our overall matchups with those types of decks.

It would be also really nice to reuse Cutlass’ that were already used to CC. We’ll have access to CC every single turn.

The New Support’s Skills For Beatrice

In the past we’ve seen the Ghosties do a lot of little different things.

  • Mick and Norman gave +10k to other units
  • Matt and Peter starters helped milling
  • Quincy and Jackie helped for guarding while being on RC
  • Chappie selectively milled for anything when we guarded with
  • Derek the new promo, returned normal units and milled while binding itself

I guess you can say, we’ve been ALL over the place ha! So what kind of skills would help Beatrice? Well that depends on what she’ll even do, but we can assume some that may be helpful at least.

  1. When we guard with from bind zone, let us selectively mill key pieces just like Chappie.
  2. When we bind cards, let us revive RGs from drop zone/bind zone to build up a field.
  3. When we have a certain amount of cards in drop zone and/or bind zone, give power to RGs.

To be honest, we may only get 2 cards that could actually support Beatrice so it’s hard say if we’ll get enough cards to help her out. We’ll still have to rely on our great generic cards to make the deck function.

Other Avenues Or Ideas That Could Be Explored?

I have 2 other ideas, but may not be as good due to some inherent flaws.

Taking Advantage Of Protect II

With the new Seven Seas, both Slash Shade and Raistutor could take advantage of ANY marker on RC. So Protect II could be viable for some matchups.

However, Protect II isn’t that great overall. Especially with clans that can retire, bind, lock, etc. Units that need to be on the field can suffer from this flaw.

Taking Advantage Of The New Treasure Markers

Again with Seven Seas, the retrain of G3 Nightmist relied on the number of Treasure Markers on the field in order to activate his abilities.

Beatrice could have abilities that also become active, after a certain number of Treasure Markers are present. However, the deck itself will start to depend on cards that generate Treasure Markers. Currently, only the Seven Seas retrains get Treasure Markers when they hit a unit. So our new support cards need to generate some on demand if possible.

What About Premium?

Great question! I’d definitely love to see some synergy with Bad Bounty and Obadiah!

Obadiah because just for the sake that it’s our Ghostie stride ha! I hope the new support are really good on RC. So we can easily build a field, apply pressure, and really set ourselves up for next turn.

With Bad Bounty, I’d like to see Beatrice have skills that are good just like Nightrose. I think if at least one skill that is a Continuous type or an Auto on attack, then we’ll be in a good spot.

Other than that, there really isn’t too much we can go off for now.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s exciting to see new support for Granblue already! Butterfly d’Moonlight was a really good set already for Granblue. It’s great to see on how we can add to it.

What are some ideas you guys are speculating? How do you feel Ghosties making a comeback? Since Beatrice looks like she can be from Bermuda Triangle, do we want similar skills from that clan?

Thanks again for reading and till next time amigos, see ya!

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