Number One Harpoon, Bhoja

Today we got our Granblue promo reveal! This will be a quick Card Spotlight and they also announced that there will be a Fighter’s Update next week too!

[AUTO](RC):When it attacks, if your vanguard is grade 3 or greater, [COST][put the top card of your deck into the drop zone], this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of that battle, and at the end of that battle, retire this unit.


  • Mid game 18k G1 beater.
  • Mills a card to help increase Drop Zone count.
  • Doesn’t cost a CB nor SB.


  • Restricted to G3, may not be worth it at that point.
  • It’s on attack only, doesn’t include while boosting.
  • G1 slots are tight already.

There’s also the self retire aspect and honestly that can be both a Pro and a Con depending on match-ups and also drop zone count. To be honest, I don’t think this card has a place in the main variants of Granblue, but it is cost less. No CB nor a SB is needed so in specific builds of Granblue it may serve of use.

I wonder if the G3 restriction is to prevent some early game abuse; however, I’m not sure how that could happen since it self retires. There’s only a few units that can revive units back before our G3 turn such as Captain Nightmist and added to hand again by Greed Shade. Usually, our main revival skills are on our G3 VG such as Cocytus, Basskirk, and hopefully Nightrose.

More Nightrose Speculation

Perhaps this may serve as a clue for the new Nightrose!

My friend, Shaun Yow, made me think that this could promote a multi attack pattern that Nightrose may introduce in V Era Granblue. This card does 3 things with helping that pattern.

  1. 18k can hit VGs on its own.
  2. Removes itself from field and mills a potential combo piece for a battle phase call.
  3. Makes itself available to revive during battle phase.

We also have access to both Skull Dragon and Ghost Ship that also self retire. These are great targets that enable re-usability and they have their own great skills. RG units like Colombard and Nightstorm can call these units with their skills in their next attack too.

It’s also worth noting the skills for these 3 units don’t use CB nor SB. Which allows for our VG unit to use that CB and/or SB for main and/or battle phase revival skills.

Fighters Rules Update

They also announced that there will be an update next week. A restriction update is happening.

Many players are speculating that they may restrict or ban Zazan. Premium Collection 2020 has been released in Japan but the English releases a month from today. I’ve seen in other card games, such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, where they have banned cards before the English release happened.

So the possibilities are up in the air and Zazan is the one threat that everyone wants to get addressed.

For me, I believe Zazan or the engine should be somewhat at least controlled or less consistent. There’s plenty of other cards in Premium Collection 2020 that bring value to many clans because they are actually great cards. However, the Zazan engine is on whole different level that it makes the rest of the set seem lackluster.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, until we see more reveals and Nightrose’s skills, it’s hard to say if Bhoja will be even worth using. The G1 slots are tight and now we have Tommy the Ghostie Brothers as well. In Premium, we could tech 1 copy but I still believe there are better techs if that was the route. Til next time amigos, see ya!

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