Seven Seas Premium w/ Baowow

Hi amigos, today we’ll be starting a new set of articles called Deck Spotlights! I have the opportunity to talk to my good amigo Baowow and we’re going to discuss his Seven Seas Premium deck! This is using the G Era cards and NOT the retrains, just to be clear ha! Let’s get right into it!

Deck List

The deck itself is an updated 7Runner Seven Seas type of deck. Back in the G Era, the 7Runner deck focused on staying at G1 for most of the game or all of it. However, due to the new Stride rulings and also more units having good early game skills, it’s not feasible anymore to stay at G1.

Key Highlights
Slash Shade & Prisoner Dragon

Slash Shade and Prisoner Dragon are multi attack enablers. While being a Seven Seas VG, you can use both Slash Shade’s and Prisoner Dragon’s skills from drop (assuming you can retire the right RGs with the appropriate grade).

So we have them available in the early game, mid game, and late game. So throughout your turns, they become extra attackers that can make some column numbers. Prisoner Dragon becomes 13k and Slash Shade becomes 11k.

Units like Nightcrow and Romario come in by boosting. With Nightcrow being able to call itself from drop zone, we can make some good numbers very easily. Once we have 10+ cards in the drop, Romario becomes a 12k booster.

Nightcrow Numbers:

  • 11k + 7k = 18k (Slash Shade, Nightstorm)
  • 13k + 7k = 20k (Prisoner Dragon)
  • 16k + 7k = 23k (Nightstorm w/ +5k)

Romario Numbers:

  • 11k + 12k = 23k (Slash Shade, Nightstorm)
  • 13k + 12k = 25k (Prisoner Dragon)
  • 16k + 12k = 28k (Nightstorm w/ +5k)
  • 16k + 17k = 33k (Both Nightstorm & Romario w/ +5k)

Regarding more on Prisoner Dragon, Baowow also mentioned to me, “This card is what wins most of my games, since people forget to take this card into account when trying to guard. Two Skull Dragons are threatening enough, but an extra attack out of nowhere is what pushes people over the edge and lose the game.”

Very key remark he made clear to me.

Plegeton, Skull Dragon, & Nightstorm

You’ll notice that his main G3 VG ride target is Plegeton! Baowow has mentioned, “Plegeton is such a strong card. His only weakness is the lack of a Protect Marker and his 11k base. His on ride ability has proven to be ridiculously strong; being able to revive anything you want for no cost.”

Being able to call anything by just riding is really helpful. Cards like Ruin Shade, Romario, and Greed Shade help with milling into drop zone. What’s really nice is that both Romario and Greed Shade help improve the quality of your hand. As well as grab the right ride targets that you need. He also gave me another good example too.

Baowow’s example, “This pairs insanely well with Greed Shade, who can pick you up stride fodder to allow you to stride only using 1 card. This Greed Shade won’t be useless though since it is also retire fodder for Prisoner Dragon on our stride turn.”

Greed Shade actually becomes even more versatile because we can use him during our Ride Phase thanks to Plegeton!

With Skull Dragon, Baowow has said, “A necessary beater. In a normal game, you’ll see 50-60k Skull Dragons on first stride, surprising your opponent significantly more due to extra milling from the prior cards and even Nightrunner. We need 2 due to the Kagero match up where you can’t use Nightstorm.”

Ghost Ship is another target that can be brought back and utilized. Baowow has mentioned, “This is really only in my deck when I have to draw cards over pushing damage. Additionally, this is used against Narukami since Skull Dragons won’t be big due to cards being bound.”

Nightstorm as Baowow has mentioned, “He helps a ton with getting one more small poke at the opponent’s VG since you almost never swing boosted with him. Why Nightstorm is so good is due to him being able to call a Skull dragon, but more importantly he’s also retire fodder for Prisoner Dragon after he swings.”


With Chappie, “I need to see both Nightrunner and Nightcrow in drop zone. Nightrunner needs to be in the drop zone as soon as possible, while Nightcrow can be milled by the Obadiah stride. I can use Nightrunner once per turn and recycle it with Nightcrow.” Especially since both cards are limited to 1 copy, Chappie acts like having more copies of those two.

With Tempest Sphere, “This card flips Cycloned and it also helps grab heals from deck for defensive plays. We can also use our vanilla crits as boosters if needed. We really don’t need the crits that go into soul.” What really stood out to me is that it even makes those vanilla triggers actually useful on calling from drop as boosters. With 2 Cycloned cards flipped faceup, they become 15k boosters/attackers on their own.

“Honoly comes in against the more annoying match-ups this deck has. The deck has unfavorable match ups against Golds, Murakumo, and Aqua Force. Honoly is used primarily as a stopping force against both Murakumo and Golds due to their lack of their ability to retire. Aqua Force can still retire Honoly with Hydro Hurricane Dragon, but smart plays can force the opposing player to have a horrible time dealing with it.”

G Zone

“Obadiah is a staple in every Granblue deck and it still is the main stride we go into. Being able to just grab our entire combo pieces for 1 CB is ridiculously strong. Additionally, we’re able to increase our drop zone count with non-trigger units, which both increases our chances of drive checking triggers and Skull Dragon getting huge power numbers.” I totally agree that Obadiah is very good and still needed overall.

“Nightrose is rarely strode due to how fast the deck wants to perform. But we stride into it when we know our Skull dragons are plenty big and we just need the extra crit pressure.” During a 2nd/3rd stride turn, you’ve filtered a lot of non-triggers out of deck. So while your opponent is at 4 damage and you don’t want them to go to 5 damage, then you can keep them at 4 damage with applying this pressure. Your drive check should reveal crits which you can apply to your RGs. Which means they’ll have to guard every attack that has an extra crit applied to it.

Bad Bounty is a phenomenal restanding VG that synergizes really well with both Slash Shade and Prisoner Dragon.

“Bad Bounty is also ran at 3 copies since Narukami is a common clan we have to dance around. Being able to reride into a Skull Dragon is really strong due to getting an extra protect marker and extra VG attack. With Bad Bounty, you can also avoid binding too many cards against them because Impede Dragon is also a threat. Any extra cards going into the bind zone means that they don’t go into our drop zone, so that’s a really big no go. Bad Bounty also is great to deal with Kagero since we can ride into our Skull Dragon because they can’t use Denial Griffin against it. Since we’ll see 5 drive checks that turn, we are bound to hit a couple of crits.”

“Bad Bounty will also become stronger when the V Series Seven Seas Nightmist comes out, so check out Jaime’s blog article about the new Seven seas cards, its really good and provides a good first look into the deck and the way it will work.”

“Cycloned is good flip fodder. 15k boosting triggers are more dangerous than you think since Prisoner dragon will be swinging for 28k when boosted, meaning you’re looking at a 20k guard which is normally a 2 card guard or a G Guard.” Also, resolving a Tempest Sphere early on can enable the triggers to become 10k boosters to make some good numbers early on.

“Balanerena is there just to cheat a couple wins when people decide to damage deny you.” It’s also an option to go into 1st stride if the opponent is at 5 damage. Retiring guardians can potentially help push through. Paired up Slash Shade and Prisoner Dragon it can enable 5 attacks and retire key guardians on will.

“Megiddo is there just because it’s Megiddo. You can replace it and a copy of Balanerena for 2 Negrosongers if you deem it necessary. Negrosonger is a good pick as well due to Plegeton being able to call a Nightstorm or Skull Dragon on ride, netting you more attacks if you call cards from hand. You’ll most likely see Negrosonger in the deck list once the new V Series cards come out and we get more beaters like V Era Slash Shade.” It’s also worth noting that you can revive the 2 Skull Dragons, a Nightstorm, a Ghost Ship, and even vanilla triggers (with multiple Cycloneds faceup in G Zone) to do a push. Remember, if you have extra CB still, then just bring back Slash Shade/Prisoner Dragon during your Megiddo VG attacks.

Other Key Highlights

  • “Romario helps with drop setup, especially if you mill a Nightrunner. You can use that same Nightrunner when your main phase starts.”
  • “Eclipse Dragon helps against being damage denied, but slightly worse since it doesn’t guarantee a revive.”
  • “3 PGs since we can ride into Skull Dragon for a Protect Marker in the more grindy match ups since we’ll be using Bad bounty. PGs are ride targets alongside being our defensive utility against decks like Narukami who swing with Gauntlet Buster Dragon. (You see a lot of Narukami in the current meta game)”
  • “I am running 2 Heals in the deck. Murakumo is too much of a pain that I can’t forgo my G Guards anymore. Before, I was able to play a grind game even without my heals by playing conservatively and not dropping my hand at a moment’s notice. But with Murakumo and Narukami being a major meta game threat, the 2 heals have been really all I need to deal with them decently.”
  • 3 G Guards because we can use them since 2 Heals are still being used. If you only see one, you can reuse the Heal by grabbing it with Greed Shade.

CFA Play Testing Games

Baowow was able to show off a few games with the deck. Check it out to get an idea of the deck.

Final Thoughts

With the V Era cards being revealed and more Granblue support is still yet to be revealed, this deck will change. I’m excited to see how this deck can utilized the new V Era versions. I can see in Premium, that there can be at least 2 different types of Seven Seas decks. One more reliant on G Era support and the other vice versa.

Thanks again to Baowow for sharing his deck in today’s Deck Spotlight! What are your guys’ thoughts? Til next time amigos, see ya!

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