Fatal Shade

Hi amigos, today’s card spotlight goes to Fatal Shade! Fatal Shade is a G1 that came from the Rummy Labyrinth set. It saw some play during the G Era and had unique interactions that aided the Nightrose deck. Let’s go over some!

Basic Interactions

Ideally you can call this card in a massive field call. It can serve as a booster and even as a Hollow target for cards like Negrobone and Dragut.

At the end of the turn, it can be used in place of Nightrose’s GB2 skill to bring back non-G1 units such as Negrolily, Cannoneer, Grenache, and Mick.

Fatal Shade Vs Nightrose:

  • Fatal Shade’s cost is SB1 and bottom deck itself. (No need for milling to help prevent deck out)
  • You can revive any non-G1 of your choice. (Nightrose is restricted to seeing what was sent from RG to drop)
  • You can even bring Mick directly without the need of Negrolazy/Captain Nightmist as a middle man.

Extending To Remove 3 To 4 Locked RGs

In one of my prior posts about Nightrose removing locked RGs, I mentioned we can utilize Nightrose’s GB2 skill to remove up to 2 locked cards. With Fatal Shade, it’s possible to remove more, here’s an example.

Your field has 4 locked cards that will unlock during the end phase. Have a Negrolazy as Hollow so that it can retire at the end phase.

  1. Unstride.
  2. 4 locked RGs unlock.
  3. Negrolazy dies to being Hollowed.
  4. Use Nightrose GB2 skill to revive Negrolazy.
  5. Revive the Negrolazy onto the RC where an unlocked unit is currently.
  6. This causes that unit to retire and Hollow Negrolazy.
  7. Use Negrolazy’s skill to revive Fatal Shade.
  8. Place Fatal Shade onto another RC where an unlocked unit is currently.
  9. This causes that unit to retire and Hollow Fatal Shade.
  10. Hollow triggers again to retire both Negrolazy and Fatal Shade.
  1. Using Fatal Shade’s skill revive the same Negrolazy back onto another RC with a unit.
  2. Hollow Negrolazy and use his skill to revive another Hollow unit. (Grenache for example)
  3. Place the Grenache onto the remaining RC with a unit and Hollow it.
  4. Both Negrolazy and Grenache retire due to Hollow. (CC2 from Grenache)

As a result, you cleared your board of the previously locked units, so then they don’t get re-locked again.

Do keep in mind that you need some resources to do this play overall.

  • Negrolazy will use 2CB and 2SB during the end phase when revived by Nightrose and Fatal Shade.
  • Fatal Shade will use 1SB.
  • Grenache can CC2 which compensates for Negrolazy’s 2CB costs.

Does this play happen often? No, but it is possible in case if needed. It was a bit challenging back in G Era because you do need 3SB as well. Again Goauche used the Soul heavily.

Greed Shade Abuse To Guarantee 2nd Stride Megiddo

We can abuse a card like Greed Shade to help setup for a 2nd stride Megiddo turn.

This interaction with Fatal Shade was mentioned to me on Reddit by Seraph_Guardian. So credit goes to Seraph_Guardian.

When 1st striding into Obadiah, you can call both Fatal Shade and Greed Shade during your main phase. Use Greed Shade’s skill to grab a heal trigger. You can still do a 4-5 attack turn with cards like Colombard and Nightstorm. Thus the Greed Shade gets retired when another unit is called on top of it. Then at end of turn, when Fatal Shade retires due to Hollow, revive the same Greed Shade. Once again use Greed Shade’s skill and now grab a copy of your vanguard. Boom, ready to G Guard and Ultimate Stride next turn.

Months ago I did a Nightrose Greed Deck Profile that was geared to guaranteeing a full power Megiddo 2nd stride turn. However, my build relied on making sure to G Guard with Negrolily to trigger the Greed Shade a 2nd time. With Fatal Shade, it eliminates the need to G Guard with Negrolily and also making sure you have at least 2CB for Megiddo to resolve on your following turn. Feel free to check it out!

Why This Card Only Saw Some Play Back In G Era

During the time, Granblue relied on Goauche as an effective 1st stride turn. Cards like Rough Seas made it possible to bring back 3 to 5 cards since you could SC it beforehand. Sometimes we’d resolve a 2nd Goauche if possible if we built the Soul back up to a high enough number.

Essentially, the Soul was already a resource that couldn’t be as easily used for other cards that SBed without refunding the Soul with a SC. Negrolazy could refund his SB with his red text skill to SC. Our G Guards, especially Negronora, used a SB1 to activate its skill.

It was a bit challenging just to have another card like Fatal Shade really use the Soul. Not only that, but it was ran at low ratios such as 1-2 copies in a deck. This is before our awesome Obadiah stride, so we would have to see it by drawing, SCing, or milling.

Players opt to cut her out or stick with the 1 copy. Myself I ended up cutting her out for Chappie to help boost the consistency of the deck at the time.

Fatal Shade Now In Premium 2020

Things have changed drastically since then. We don’t rely on Goauche as much for 1st stride since we now have Obadiah. Obadiah brought the ability to selectively mill so then we can now fetch for a card like Fatal Shade on 1st stride and beyond.

So what if we can fetch it at will now, is it even worth playing it? Yes and no. Yes if you want to promote certain plays more often in Nightrose. A valid reason is the double Greed Shade abuse on 1st stride for Megiddo fodder or improving hand quality.

The New Nightrose That’s Coming Soon

The new Nightrose retrain has the name “Nightrose” in it, so Fatal Shade could work with it too. What’s really nice is that this new Nightrose should have the Protect Gift and also be 12k base. Essentially, this new Nightrose can utilize G Era Nightrose support, including Fatal Shade.

Depending on the new set, a new G1 could fight for a spot that can eliminate the consideration of Fatal Shade and even other cards. So only time will tell once we start seeing more reveals to see the possible uses.


And that’s it for now for a card like Fatal Shade! Who knows if we’ll get also more non-G1s that could be abused with this card’s effect. Since we 1st Stride Obadiah, we can always filter it out of deck to call it to RG. So playing 1-2 copies is a consideration if that’s the case. Till next time amigos, see ya!

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