Nightrose Pseudo Denial Griffin Play

Hey amigos today is another throwback Nightrose article to finish off her interactions with her GB2 skill. See my prior post on removing locked RGs.

Kagero’s Denial Griffin

What is the Pseudo Denial Griffin Play? Glad you asked! It’s a reference to the G Guard from Kagero, called Denial Griffin. The G Guard when placed, can CB1 and retire the attacking RG.

The ability to retire RGs during your opponent’s battle phase is super helpful! Can Granblue do the same? Yes, thanks to Nigthrose’s GB2 skill!

The Cannoneer Play

In Granblue, we have the amazing Skeleton Cannoneer!

Both Cannoneer’s skill and Nightrose’s GB2 skill can activate during your opponent’s turn. Essentially if Cannoneer is on your field and is retired during your opponent’s battle phase, you can revive it with Nightrose’s GB2 skill. On place, activate Cannoneer’s skill to retire ANY RG on your opponent’s field. You also get to draw a card and use him as an intercept as well!

So does my opponent have to be dumb enough to attack Cannoneer to even make this play happen? That is one way, but we can actually force the retiring of Cannoneer in their battle phase. We have the amazing G Guard, Negorlily that can CB1 and retire one of our RGs; to gain 10k shield and revive a Normal Ghostie unit.

During your opponent’s battle phase when a unit attacks:

  1. Discard a Heal trigger to perform a G Guard and use Negrolily.
  2. CB1 and retire Cannoneer for Negrolily’s costs.
  3. Nightrose’s GB2 skill triggers, mill 3 cards to revive the Cannoneer back to RC.
  4. CB1 via Cannoneer’s skill since it was placed to retire an opponent’s RG. Draw a card if you Hollowed it.

That’s it! What’s really nice is that you can G Guard any attack to do this play. Certain G Guards specify if a VG or a RG has to attack. Again you can retire any RG so ideally you’ll retire a RG that can still attack. This way you get to use the shield value of Negrolily and you can intercept with Cannoneer for the current attack; 30k shield total. You can also retire RGs that are needed for their turns to fully go through such as a Wheel Assault in the back row against Aqua Force.

Also, just to be clear, Nightrose’s GB2 skill must see a rearguard retire. So intercepting with Cannoneer won’t work because it becomes a Guardian and no longer is considered a rearguard.

Extending The Play

A great card interaction to help with CB management is our good looking and sinister looking Bale! Negrolily allows you to call up to one normal Ghostie from the drop on an open RC. You can call it to the same circle where the Cannoneer was retired. Then with Nightrose’s GB2 skill, revive the Cannoneer onto the same RC as Bale. This will cause Bale to retire and allow it to do its skill during your opponent’s battle phase. You bottom deck it and CC1, essentially refunding Negrolily’s CB cost. It’s incredibly useful because you can have an extra CB to work with on your following turn.

Are there other units reviving besides Cannoneer? Yes, glad you asked! Mick is a great card to revive during the opponent’s battle phase to make your VG base 21k! This helps with dealing with decks that can do a lot of small attacks. But that would mean I have to have a Mick on the field at the end of my turn to set up properly. Isn’t that kind of meh?

Yes but that’s where a card like Negrolazy comes in. Especially in the G Era, Nightrose did multi attack patterns that generally ended with the last 2 attacks being a Negrorook revived by the Negrolazy that attacked prior.

During the end phase, you can revive the Negrolazy to keep it on the field. Now during your opponent’s battle phase you can retire it with Negrolily. Once it’s revived, you can then use Negrolazy’s skill to revive ANY G2 OR LOWER unit from drop. This gives us the ability to call A LOT from the drop to utilize during the opponent’s battle phase. Say what? Yep, ANY G2 OR LOWER.

So we can call either revive a Cannoneer or Mick as we wish. Which means we can handle most turns more effectively. However, do keep in mind it’s an extra CB that we need to work with. Negrolily, Negrolazy, and Cannoneer added up together is 3CB. Again, use Bale to help mitigate a CB and you can use these 3 skills with just 2CB.

I recommend reviving the cards like Bale and Negrolazy onto the back row so your opponent can’t attack Negrolazy. The reason is because you can Hollow the Negrolazy and during the opponent’s end phase, it will retire itself and it’ll CC1/SC1. Which is great to help use that CB for your following turn.

Other Tips

You can use V series Captain Nightmist in place of Negrolazy. By the time you do this combo interaction, you should have 10+ cards in the drop to be able to revive ANY unit.

Other units to revive besides Cannoneer and Mick via Negrolazy/Nightmist:

  • Ripple Banshee/OG Cutlass (Gives you a draw by SB1/2)
  • King Serpent/Grenache (Gives you a CC1/SC1 OR CC2, and you can intercept with King Serpent)
  • Greed Shade (Grab from drop to add to hand, great for Ultimate Stride fodder or key pieces to follow up with)
  • Any unit to setup on the field for next turn (Skull Dragon, Flanger, etc.)

These don’t happen very often, but are choices still worth mentioning.

Nightrose Moving Forward With V Series Retrain

It was just announced that Nightrose is getting a V Series retrain. One question that comes to mind is: Will Nightrose’s GB2 skill be retrained as well?

My hope is that it does and can be more modernized too. Feel free to check out my prior post that I highlight some prediction skills.


There are 3 videos that I would like to highlight. The 1st one is a matchup with Nightrose versus Wiseman in G Era by Team ContiBreak. The Pseudo Denial Griffin play is essential in dealing with a Wiseman Loop turn. I myself had to use that play in round 10 at a BCS event to qualify to top 8, thank God!

The one important thing I learned from watching this matchup is actually using Waterspout Djinn to CC if your RG is attacked instead. What I mean is that the Wiseman player purposely attacked the Cannoneer to get rid of it because the Nightrose player didn’t have any face up damage to CB. That’s when the Nightrose player use Waterspout Djinn to PG. Remember those PGs ONLY protect the VG not RGs, but you can still activate the skill to get the benefit of CCing. So the attack went through, Cannoneer was retired and Nightrose’s GB2 went off. The Cannoneer was revived and able to use its skill thanks to the CC. BOOM goes Wiseman!

If you want to see the exact moment of the play go to 16:55. Literally, the Wiseman player scoops after that resolved.

The 2nd video I recommend is Ian‘s video on covering combos for Nightrose! He does a great job and he even covers the GB2 plays with Cannoneer/Mick. Any new Nightrose players would get a lot of value from this even if it’s from January 2017. I feel with the retrain being revealed, some new Nightrose players will appreciate it.

The 3rd video is a deck profile from BCS Indianapolis that placed 2nd place overall back in August 2017. Shameless plug.

This was the same event I had to use the Cannoneer play against a Wiseman turn. It was a great 2 day event and I cover a lot of detail about the profile and experience. Enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed this throwback article and even might have learned a thing or two. There’s so much to Nightrose and it’s a great time to cover aspects of her since the new retrain is on the way! I’m excited to see what the future holds for Nightrose moving forward. Till next time amigos!

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