Maelstrom and Support Reveals!! Aqua Force in overDress!! 

Hi amigos, today we got the skills revealed for Maelstrom and more units to support it! Let’s discuss it! Maelstrom and Aqua Force Homies (Ride Line) Great to see familiar faces already! We see Erikk is being our starter! It’s nostalgic since he was our original starter from Limit Break Era days! Theo when rodeContinue reading “Maelstrom and Support Reveals!! Aqua Force in overDress!! “

The Genres of Aqua Force

Hey folks, Atlas from the Nexus at Night podcast here. Commander Jaime has been so gracious as to give me the floor for this Rogue of the Seven Seas article, and for that I thank him. Today, I wanted to talk about Aqua Force. While I am not an Aqua Force main persay (I’m moreContinue reading “The Genres of Aqua Force”