Commander Jaime’s Armada | New Discord Server | Community Server | Cardfight Vanguard overDress


45 thoughts on “Commander Jaime’s Armada | New Discord Server | Community Server | Cardfight Vanguard overDress

  1. I want to win the giveaway so that I can invite my brother to play this game as well. I already play it myself but didn’t have enough budget to buy it for my brother.


  2. I think Having a section to include student achievements is a great addition to the discord server. Not only does it incentives players to get better, but it shows that coaching works.


  3. Like most I came here because of the giveaway, but I might as well write about my thoughts about your server.
    I joined the server and it seems quite nice. You guys made a specific chat for everything vanguard related, which is great. But I feel like some things could be organized a bit better. As someone new to the serever, the main category felt a bit too hard to find the channel I want right away. Some of the channels that are similar, like the news/reveals related channels, could be grouped together in their own catergory. Wiki and cotd reveal pretty much show the exact same thing so choosing one between the two might help when grouping things up too.
    Overall I like how much the server has to offer even for non-metafy subs like me. I love how you went the extra mile to explain some of the main chats in more detail for people who might be confused. Just a bit of organizing and I’d say it’s perfect!


    1. Thank you for your feedback! I always appreciate hearing this! Funny enough I felt the same way about the Wiki/CoTD channels lol. I’ll clean those up. I can categorize a little more to help.

      I also plan to add reaction roles for notifications soon. I’m learning as I go! 🙂

      Glad you see a lot of positives from it too! Always feel free to share your feedback and engage within the community. 💪


  4. Well, giveway aside. Somehow I didn’t notice this video before! How did I miss it? xD But the idea of this discord is really cool.


  5. Always useful to have a place to talk about advice on Vanguard or for even “Sparring” to help learn the game, best of luck and thank you!


  6. Very cool to always have spaces to discuss the game in various capacities, especially with veteran players! Thanks for giving breath to one of those spaces!

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  7. It is actually just amazing how much the community has grown. Aqua Force has always been my main clan, and your channel was one of the first ones I found that specialized in it. I learned a lot from your videos, and Im really happy that you’ve gotten this far.
    Unfortunately, I dont play much vanguard anymore, because of college punching me down and a lack of people to play with. Still, I watch your videos from time to time to support and to be able to get back into the game should I want to.
    Thanks for everything, man. Hope to be able to playtest new decks again one day.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that the community is still in your mind during your current season of life. I’m sure once things change for you in the future, you’re definitely welcome to be more involved. Glad my content has helped too on providing value! I always focus on that so your time and mindset get value from my videos. You’re welcome and have a blessed night!


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