Blog Update: One Year Later!!

Hi amigos, it’s been a year since the blog has been published! In this article, I just wanted to take some key highlights and do some reflecting a bit. I will also mention a bit on how overDress has affected the blog’s direction too! Enjoy!!

One Year Ago

In March 2020, I had started working on the framework of the actual blog. Then in April 2020, it was ready to go live! It was a super exciting time! I have had thought about a personal Granblue blog for years, and finally I did the work to bring into reality! I even made an announcement video that I elaborated on what to expect!

Announcement video:

Looking back at the video, it’s cool to see that everything that I said came to fruition! Especially, with the Card Spotlights and new support! Even the look of the blog has changed, as you can see with the video’s thumbnail.

Unexpected Love And Support

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from the Vanguard community with the introduction of the blog. At the time, there wasn’t many blogs that were still publishing content. I’ve seen some great ones over the years had a great start and run, but eventually stopped.

Not only that, but you have to realize that whenever you put content out to the internet, you’re putting yourself out there. You have to be okay with that and anything that may come along.

I believe one of the things that helped on the blog to have a good start was to already have 2 articles written for people to read and get a feel for it. The article Resource Management I felt was a really good way to start and set a tone. Then the first of the Card Spotlights was Light Elemental, Honoly!

The Granblue Fanta Sea FB group was very supportive too! I really appreciate all of them being the base of my readers and support. Furthermore, the blog was well received on Van-Guardians and other FB groups, the subreddit, and my own Twitter.

Lastly, both Ji Station (CanYouSayG) and DifferentFight have made positive comments and sent positive messages about the blog too. Which really means a lot since I’ve watched/read their content over the years!

Partnerships And Events

During development of the blog, I was also in the process of partnering up with Axis Vanguard. They were also going live during that time. Rather than be in competition with each other, we saw real benefit in working and growing together!

Cardfight Con later on went live as well! The founder of the event, Winning Image (Sean), has been a great amigo on partnering up with and spreading the love of the game. It was an awesome opportunity to meet other Content Creators and also share more content to the community.

TCGplayer Partnership

It was really cool to apply and be accepted to be an affiliate for TCGplayer! I’ve always had good customer service through them and shop mainly through them. I definitely recommend them. Affiliate Link Here.

overDress And Stoicheia Impact

Well shoot! Clans aren’t really a thing as much anymore and now it’s just Nations moving forward! So was this the end for our beloved Granblue clan? NOPE!!

What’s really cool is that there will be Premium still. Which means Granblue as a clan still exists. Furthermore, with the new Stoicheia support, we will see cards slowing going into our Granblue decks. I’m actually excited for it!

The blog further embraces that it’ll be a Stoicheia blog as well! So more content will be on the blog in regards to overDress! Card Spotlights have been great and more content like deck lists will come soon!

When Is It A Good Time To Start A Blog, YouTube Channel, etc.?

The straight and honest answer is NOW.

Why is that? Glad you asked! For me, I’ve gone years thinking about this personal Granblue blog but not have done anything until a year ago. There’s so many ideas, thoughts, and concerns that come along but that’s normal in anything new, especially that can create an impact and worth of significance.

I’ve talked myself out of it many times, it was suttle sometimes. Like thinking, “I don’t think I have the time now….. What if people don’t think my content is worth reading/viewing…. I don’t think I’m great at writing…. It feels like a lot of work…. etc.”

Even circumstances can be great opportunities! I felt the pandemic was a great opportunity to get more serious in my overall content creation. Especially with the increase screen time in the internet due to pandemic restrictions early on.

But the pandemic lockdowns are lifting now, did I miss my window of opportunity? No, it doesn’t matter. Just start and learn along the way! I’m still learning myself!

Final Thoughts

I think a lot of us are always on the go and sometimes forget to slow down to reflect. Today it dawned on me that it has been a year! I’m grateful to have gone through with starting the blog. Looking forward to making more content! Till next time amigos, see ya!

7 thoughts on “Blog Update: One Year Later!!

  1. I may be moving to Dark States due to my new love of Spike Brothers from V Series, but that does not change my love for Nightrose since she got me back into the game. Glad to read your stuff into the future.


  2. Maelstrom has been my favorite card for a minute and I have recently been able to build not only a maelstrom deck, but a few other aqua force decks. I couldn’t be happier.


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