Reflecting On 2020 And 2021 Goals

Hi amigos I just wanted to share some reflection thoughts I’ve been having since we’re wrapping up 2020! As well as share my goals for 2021!

Thank You For Being Great Readers

First off, I want to thank you all for reading the articles that this blog has published! I remember earlier this year I had the thought, “I think I should really create that Granblue blog that I’ve thought about a few times over the years. There’s opportunity and I think it can provide value.

To be honest, I feel that most of us talk ourselves out of doing things that are great ideas. We often come up with a great idea but then start thinking of problems that could happen. I’ve had this specific thought, “What if I don’t write great enough content for Granblue? Will players even bother reading a blog specific to Granblue?

However, this time I told myself, “Just do it and start from somewhere at least. Build a simple base and go from there. The rest of the details will flesh out. I know there will be players that would enjoy and get value from this blog idea.

Looking back and seeing how now the blog has grown is really amazing! I knew good things would happen but the amount of love and support from you all really blew my expectations! So again thanks for reading, I really mean it!

My Favorite Articles

Throughout the year, I’ve written many different types of articles regarding to Granblue and I wanted to mention some of my favorites.

Resource Management (Link)

This one was the first real content filled article for the blog! It was really the first opportunity to really dive into some of the key aspects of Granblue that every player should be aware of. I love the complexity the clan brings to the table. There’s a level of depthness to the clan that differentiates players on how well they really play Granblue decks.

It’s also a great article for newer players to understand more about resources and the clan itself!

Nightrose Removing Locked Cards (Link)

This article was the first tips article with pictures and order of operations explained! I remember years ago, I was told of this play in one of my older Nightrose videos in the comments section. It was super helpful since some builds used Pokkur and ideally we didn’t want to run it ha. It was also a nostalgic article!

Card Spotlight: Wight Legion Sailing Ship, Bad Bounty (Link)

This one was the first Card Spotlight article! It was super exciting to start seeing new support and we all love to think of the new interactions that it could provide! I love the brainstorming done and being able to share with others through these type of articles.

Card Spotlight: Pirate Swordsman, Colombard (V Series) (Link)

The first time we saw the retrain of Colombard himself! We weren’t expecting such a great value card for the entire clan! Literally, this card gave Granblue a great turn 2 card to use early on if needed. A great card for extending attacks to in both Standard and Premium formats.

Card Spotlight: Vampire Princess of the Night Fog, Nightrose (V Series) (Link)

The vampire princess herself, Nightrose! A great retrain to see and also serve amazingly for the clan! The ability to revive units during the battle phase really expanded our plays. This had so much impact to the clan that multiple builds could use her. Not to mention the nostalgia factor ha!

Deck Spotlight: Building a Seven Seas Standard Deck (Link)

This was a special article since this was Evan’s first one on the blog! It was great to see somebody like Evan be able to write his passion and see the amazing quality that it produced! I would definitely like to see more from him and even other passionate Granblue players that wish to do so.

Deck Spotlight: Premium Nightrose – Masterclass Dive (Link)

This one was from Evan too! A SUPER IN DEPTH article about the Nightrose Zarzan build! I actually read his article multiple times to help me learn how to pilot his deck and even do a video of it! I’d say it’s one of his best articles till this day!

Cardfighter Spotlight: Interview with Cayce Vollmar (Link)

This was the beginning of interview articles! It was great seeing that Granblue was being well presented in events. These articles give an insight of how those players thought, built their decks, and executed their plays during the event! Furthermore, I was able to tweak my interview questions to get better insight for future articles on this blog, Force of the Ocean, and Axis Vanguard.

Deck Spotlight: Nightrose Standard Deck Study Guide (Link)

Lastly, the deck study guide for Nightrose Standard! This I believe is my best work so far! I had help in brainstorming, play testing, metagame discussion, etc. So it was a collective effort in bringing this to fruition. The idea of a deck study came from Axis Vanguard, so if you like these type of articles, feel free to check out that blog for other clans!

Also, I am still HUMBLED that DifferentFight read my article and highly recommended to others to read! It was also exciting to see his deck profile afterwards! Definitely check it out!

Goals For 2021

As of writing this article, the world is still in different phases of COVID-19 precautions. I believe it’s still important to have a great connection to all players.

Articles To Come Early On

Here are some of the articles that are for sure coming soon:

  • More Card Spotlights (Ghosties and Beatrice should be revealing soon!)
  • Deck Spotlights (Beatrice)
  • Cardfighter Spotlights (As more events with Granblue players topping)
  • Tips
  • News
  • Deck List Images & Videos

These articles will come out as we start seeing more reveals for the new Granblue cards. It’ll be a great way to kick start the year!

Expanding With More Granblue Passionists

How the blog started, at first, was mainly my own personal blog. But seeing a Cardfighter like Evan also write amazing content on the blog, has made me think of expanding more with others. I would love to see multiple writers be able to publish articles on this blog to show their passion and quality of work!

I will start thinking of a process of how to expand with the right people. I know other content creators that already use other social media platforms to create Granblue content. I also know there are active players in Facebook groups, the subreddit, etc. too that can be potential candidates.

If it’s something of interest, you as the reader, feel free to reach out to me as well. I may not know your name yet, but I’m always happy to meet new amigos/amigas!

Further Grow The Other Sources List

There are other social media platforms used by others that provide valuable Granblue content. I want to keep growing that list with others. Part of the reason this blog was made was so that it can also serve as a source of reference for as much as Granblue content.

So if you know other sources that I should check out, feel free to let me know! This list should grow this new year!

Final Thoughts

As I am grateful for all of the support and love from you all, I look forward to the future of this blog! Seeing as that the Nightrose deck study guide was translated into Japanese and Vietnamese, I can also see writers from other countries write on this blog in both English and their native language.

I wish you a happy new year as well! May we all prosper this new year! Till next time amigos, see ya!

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