Blog Update: Cardfight Con, Deck Lists, And Other Sources

Hi there amigos! I know it’s been a little while since a new article has been published! A lot of great things are going on and are coming soon! Let’s dive into it!

Cardfight Con!!

Quick Info

Most of you have already heard that there will be free virtual event on December 12-13.

Over 50 creators (YouTube, Twitch, websites, etc.) are involved. Here are some of the creators involved to give you an idea:

And I have the honor of being part of it as well! So I’ve been working closely with the creators to create content for the event, which has taken more of my focus this past November.

How Do I See The Event?

Great question! Here’s the info straight from the Cardfight Con Twitter!

“The event will premiere December 12 – 13 on the Winning Image YT channel. Check out the announcement video and follow as creators and panels are revealed.

Be on the look out on Winning Image’s channel for the video content! Channel link:

WHY This Event Was Even Created?

Winning Image (Sean) does an excellent video to slow down and explains how Cardfight Con!! even came to be and how it’s going behind the scenes. Definitely check it out!

New Deck Lists Updated

If you go to Deck List Images and Deck List Videos pages, you can see I’ve updated them with new deck lists!

Most of the updates went to the videos page. A lot of the new videos on the page are from different creators with different insights!

The deck list images also include a link to the interview articles for those players that topped in Vision’s online tournaments. If you want to see the mindset behind their deck lists, feel free to check those interview articles out!

Other Sources Added!

I’ve added two sources to the page that have had multiple Granblue videos with amazing mindset behind them! Both CardFightKing and OuterOrange are new to the list!

CardFightKing has done a fairly recent Nightrose deck profile as well! Great insight from his own experience with his locals.

OuterOrange also just got a recent featured deck profile by the TripleSleeveTCG team! Her Nightrose deck uses Cocytus in it as well! Definitely check it out!

Note: The pandemic in the United States has some states in different phases. Both CardFightKing and OuterOrange have had the chance to attend their locals but their numbers at weekly tournaments have been affected.

What’s Coming To The Blog?

New Article Next Week

I’ve been working on an article that will be related to a certain card reveal we saw that can potentially “hurt” Granblue. The article will cover on how it can deal with that clan’s mechanic. Mainly from a Premium standpoint, but depending on the skill, we may see it in Standard. Let’s just say, space…..

Card Spotlights

As we see Beatrice and the new cards being revealed, be on the lookout for Card Spotlight articles!

Those new to the blog, check out the last set of Card Spotlight articles to get an idea. I recommend the Nightrose one for starters.

A Question To The Readers

I have a question for y’all! Do you like this type of quick update article? Please let me know in the comments or reach out to me for your feedback.

Personally, I feel like it gives a sense of “Hey! Just thought I let you know what’s been going on and what to expect in the near future!”

I know during this pandemic it gave me the opportunity to set aside time to create the blog and write articles throughout the year. I feel it’s important to give a sense of “connection” with others since we’re more restricted to being stuck at home.

Final Thoughts

Again, a lot of cool things are happening and I’m excited for both Cardfight Con!! and the new Beatrice skill reveals. 2021 is around the corner and I’m excited to start a new year with the blog.

Let me know if there’s content you want to keep seeing and suggestions as well! I want to provide a great quality Granblue blog for y’all! Till next time amigos, see ya!

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