Bad Bounty Starlight Loop And Its Viability

Hi amigos, I’ve been asked by others if there’s a new updated version of using the Starlight Loop. Today I will discuss more on the potential variations of the Starlight Loop and on its viability in certain Nightrose builds.

I’ve included the recent 10 attack combo here via video, feel free to check it out!

I’ve also updated the Tips page to include the combo! Feel free to check out the other articles for more combos and tips!

Nightrose 8 Attack Combo with Bad Bounty (Premium)

Also, my good amigo, Jaime Molina, had also suggested another combo play that has 8 attacks! This includes the use of cards like King Tentacle and Bale.

Setup Key Pieces in Drop:

  • 1x Negrobone V
  • 1x Negrobone G
  • 1x Bale the Ghostie (or in hand)
  • 1x Starlight Nightrose
  • 1x 8k G1 (Ripple, Tommy, etc. )
  • 1x Nightrose V (to reride during battle phase)
  • 1x King Serpent
  • 1x Nightstorm

Other Key Pieces:

  • In hand: 1x Colombard
  • In deck: 1x King Tentacle

Main Phase Setup:

  1. Call Colombard to the front RC
    1. CB1 -> Send King Tentacle to drop zone from deck and revive Negrobone G onto the oppostite column’s back RC.
  2. King Tentacle’s skill ( SB1 to call himself in front of Negrobone G.)
  3. Negrobone V to discard and call Bale onto RC behind Colombard (You can discard a Bale in hand also)
  4. Use Bale’s skill to gain +2k.

Now you have the following board.

King Tentacle (LF) VG Colombard (RF)
Negrobone G (LB) Bale (RB)

Battle Phase: (3 Open CB)

  1. Colombard boosted by Bale (18k)
  2. Attack with VG (27k) (Unboosted and give any triggers to left column)
    1. CB1 -> Use Bad Bounty’s skill to reride a Nightrose V from drop.
  3. King Tentacle boosted by Negrobone G (39k+)
    1. CB1 -> Before Nightrose retires them, use Negrobone G to retire King Tentacle to revive a Starlight in front of Negrobone G.
  4. VG Nightrose (22k)
    1. CB1 -> Revive both a King Serpent and Negrobone G to the column Bale and Colambard were.
    2. Use both King Serpent and Bale to CC2. (Give any triggers to RGs)
    3. SB1 -> Starlight skill activates to call 1 G1 behind her. (8k booster).
  5. Starlight unboosted (16k + any triggers)
  6. King Serpent boosted by Negrobone G (25k).
    1. CB1 -> End of battle, use Negrobone G skill to call Nightstorm to the empty left front.
  7. Nightstorm boosted by a G1 8k (29k).
    1. CB1 -> Nightstorm’s skill to call a big beater (Skull Dragon/Ghost Ship).
  8. Skull dragon/Ghost Ship


8 Attacks & Costs -> 4CB open, 2 Soul (More if calling any Ripple Banshee)


Like I mentioned in the video, the usage of the Starlight Loop only needs 5 pieces.

  • Nightstorm
  • A beater (Skull Dragon/Ghost Ship/Vanilla with Cycloneds face up)
  • Starlight
  • Negrobone G
  • King Serpent

What’s really cool is that we already play 2 of 5 pieces, which are the Nightstorm and a beater. So we only just have to consider putting the remaining 3 cards into our deck.

Is it worth it though? To be honest, it depends on the build mostly but the play itself is recommended at 5 damage. The reason I say that it depends on the build mostly is because some recent Nightrose variations have a focus.

The two most notable are:

  • Focused utilizing Skeleton Seas Navigator
  • Focused utilizing the Zazan engine

So those variants of Nightrose may NOT have the room nor the resources to even consider it.

Negrobone G does provide as a G1 attack extender. In recent Premium Granblue, we could only rely on Nightstorm and Colombard G for attack extending. Now we have a 3rd unit so we can actually go to 6 attacks consistently. Key turns that help out are on Obadiah turns and if you have access to Nightrose V (via Bad Bounty turn or don’t Stride).

Remember a chain attack looks like:

Negrobone G -> Nightstorm -> Colombard G/V

Final Thoughts

I’m play testing as well and I believe there are some builds that don’t have a place for the Starlight Loop pieces. The Navigator build can rely on multiple attacks with Skull Dragon instead because the drop zone will be at a higher count, so that’s more reliable early on. The Zazan build can just rely on Zazan to promote more attacks and use Tear to CC a lot.

However, a more pure Nightrose variation can include it and increase its tool options. So it’s an option for a player to utilize. Thanks again for reading amigos! Til next time!

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