Greed Shade

Today’s card spotlight goes to Greed Shade! This card is one of most impactful cards that Granblue has ever gotten! Let’s dive into it!


  • The ability to add ANY card from drop zone to hand.
  • Discard dead cards in hand. (Skull Dragon, Ghost Ship, etc)
  • Mill cards from deck to drop zone.
  • Becomes a 14k beater that can hit 10k G2s and G3 VGs.


  • None really, unless you’ve milled yourself to deck out.

This card’s skills are straightforward and simple yet very effective. So why is this card so impactful for Granblue? Glad you asked! Let’s cover on what key cards that you can grab with Greed Shade.

Key Cards To Grab

Grade 3 Units For Ride Consistency

Since Greed Shade is a G2, the earliest we can use him is on our G2 turn. In terms of riding up consistently, we can increase our chances of riding to the desired G3 next turn. How so?

If a card like V Era Nightmist is in the drop zone due to milling or even early damage healing, we can just grab it like that! Literally, the drop zone becomes an extension of our hand.

Not only that, but we can still use Greed Shade’s skill to grab G3s for the following turns to perform rerides. Cards like Cocytus benefit much more with more G3s in the soul. Reriding also grants us the Protect Gifts, where Protect I improves the quality of our hand and Protect II improving our field strength and defense.

Ultimate Stride Fodder And Combo Setup

In Premium, we have access to Ultimate Stride and even combo setup with Bad Bounty.

For Ultimate Stride, we need to have a copy of our VG to perform it. So we can grab an extra copy from the drop zone to guarantee Ultimate Stride the following turn. Megiddo is a very strong card especially paired up with Skull Dragons. It’s one of Granblue’s win cons that we can rely on.

With Bad Bounty, I mentioned in a prior post of a Pseudo Megiddo turn by utilizing the original G3 Breakride Nightmist. Check out the article for how it works! It’s another win con that we have access to.

Increasing The Guarding Quality Of Our Hand

We can also grab cards that help improve our guarding potential to successfully survive the next turn.

Both in Standard and Premium we can grab our heal triggers, critical triggers, and PGs. With reviving Greed Shade every turn, we can guarantee on having a PG every turn for example. Depending on the match-up we may want to grab a heal trigger or a critical for 20k/15k shield for a 1 card guard.

Some clans have also been receiving a critical trigger that is a Sentinel card with 30k shield. Currently, Granblue hasn’t had one revealed just yet, but it can definitely be another option to grab as well!

In Premium, there’s more value in grabbing both Chad the Ghostie and our heal triggers.

With Chad, we have a card that could be used for guarding, but if we didn’t, then we can use it to pay for the cost of Stride the next turn. In fact, we can even reride to get a Protect Gift and then perform Stride with discarding Chad; which can further increase the quality of our hand.

Our heal triggers enable us to G Guard and we have phenomenal G Guards such as Negronora and Negromode! Plus it’ll help increase the number of faceup cards in the G Zone faster for cards like Megiddo, Obadiah, Galleon, etc. We can also continually G Guard every turn against certain match-ups that are more grindy.

Setting Up The Drop Zone

Discarding Cards That Need To Be Called From Drop Zone

We do play cards that cannot be called from hand or their skills only activate if called from drop zone.

Both Skull Dragon and Ghost Ship cannot be normal called to RG/GC so replacing these cards with ones that improve our hand are essential. Though they can be superior called with effects such as Megiddo from hand.

King Serpent is another card that we want to see in the drop zone as soon as possible. Sometimes we’re able to call it to RC to later intercept with it or guard with it, but there are times it’s not possible. So with discarding it on demand is very much appreciated.

Access To Techs And Low Count Units

With Obadiah’s skill we’re able to selectively mill any card from our deck. But can we add anything from deck to hand? Glad you asked!

Thanks to Greed Shade, we can essentially do that in a two card process.

  1. Mill key card with Obadiah’s skill.
  2. Call Greed Shade from skill or from hand.
  3. With Greed Shade’s skill, grab key card from the drop zone.

Cards like Plegeton or G3 Breakride Nightmist can be cards we like to grab and reride next turn, while they are played a low ratio counts.

Honoly is a great card to see as soon as possible in key match-ups like Ezel, Aqua Force, etc. We may mill it or damage heal early on. If so, we can grab it quickly to call it from hand before we even get to our G3 turn.

Other Key Highlights

  • Currently, in competitive builds, this card is played at 4 copies to help increase the consistency of seeing this card as soon as possible.
  • Since it mills 2 cards every time its skill activates, you can easily achieve the 10+ cards in drop zone requirement.
  • Even in mid to late game, the milling increases your potential drop zone quality and Skull Dragon’s attack gain.
  • Becoming a 14k beater is really useful because you don’t have to commit a booster for the attack to hit most VGs.
  • There’s no CB nor SB costs, literally everything about the 2nd skill promotes Granblue’s play style such as milling, discarding key cards, and reusing key cards.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Greed Shade is very impactful to Granblue. Any future support will still work well with this card because it’s really our way of increasing the consistency of our plays. Definitely looking forward to seeing this with the new Nightrose support! Til next time amigos!

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