Light Elemental, Honoly

This card isn’t necessarily a Granblue unit, but it definitely deserves spotlight since Granblue can use this unit very effectively.

Key Highlights

  • Helps restrict Accel and RG multi attack decks from doing their plays
  • Very useful in key matchups such as Ezel
  • Easily accessible and utilized in Granblue
Tips & Suggestions

During Obadiah stride turns, you are able to mill 1-2 copies and call them to RC. This sets you up immediately.

One thing to watch out when calling this unit to RC, is that it forces you to CB any faceup damage you still have. With this skill, it may limit your plays. Specifically using Cannoneer or extend attacks.

One suggestion is to use any skills that require CB before resolving Honoly’s on place skill. Such as using Cannoneer’s skill before Honoly’s if both are called at the same time.

Also, another unit to help is King Serpent. When both Honoly and King Serpent are called at the same time. Resolve King Serpent after the Honoly’s skill, to still have a CB to use for a 4 attack turn.

Another thing to keep in mind, is also setting up a Grenache to resolve at the end of your turn, to CC2. Most of the time, because of Honoly, you’re out of CB to use. So having Grenache to CC2 will help you do more plays for next turn.

Plays & Combos
Obadiah Turn

This turn assumes you’re able to call up to 5 RGs and have 1CB available.

Main Phase:

  1. CB1 for Obadiah’s skill to mill and call to RC the following units (2x Honoly, King Serpent, Grenache, Colombard/Nightstorm). Also, have a Ghost Ship/Skull Dragon in your drop zone.
  2. In the left column, call King Serpent in the front and Honoly in the back.
  3. In the Vanguard column, call Grenache behind the Vanguard.
  4. In the right column, call Colombard/Nightstorm in the front and the second Honoly in the back.
  5. Resolve the Honoly skills that force you to CB.
  6. Lastly, resolve King Serpent to SC/CC.

If you want a 3 RGs to stay on the RC at the end of turn, then go with Colombard. Otherwise use Nightstorm for better numbers. Colombard (14k) or Nightstorm (16k). Remember Honoly’s are (11k) so (16k + 11k = 27k).

If you need the hand advantage, go with Ghost Ship. Otherwise use Skull Dragon for a bigger beater.

Battle Phase:

  1. King Serpent (13k).
  2. Colombard/Nightstorm boosted with Honoly (25k/27k). CB1 to call Ghost Ship/Skull Dragon on RC where King Serpent was.
  3. Vanguard boosted with Grenache (37k).
  4. Ghost Ship/Skull Dragon boosted by the other Honoly (35k/even bigger).

End Phase:

  1. Unstride and any Hollow units retire.
  2. CC2 with Grenache

End Result:

You did an effective 4 attack turn while setting up 2 Honolys. Your opponent will now have to pay 2CB for a 5th attack or more for their RGs that attack VG that turn.

Dragut Turn

This can be an option if the opponent heals back to low damage and you know their hand isn’t a hand to replenish a field with quality RGs. Clans that come to mind are Aqua Force, Narukami, etc.

This assumes that you have 3 RGs on the field. 2 Honoly and 1 other (Colombard or call a card from hand). Ideally 4CB available.

Main Phase:

  1. CB2 & discard, to call 3 Hollow units. (Cannoneer, Grenache, & Nightstorm)
  2. In the left column, call Cannoneer in front and Honoly is still in the back.
  3. In the Vanguard column, call Grenache behind the Vanguard.
  4. In the right column, call Nightstorm in front and Honoly is still in the back.
  5. Since 3 Hollow units were called, retire 3 of your opponent’s RGs.
  6. Hollow the units. If needed, CB1 for Cannoneer to retire another RG.

Battle Phase:

  1. Cannoneer boosted by Honoly (15k)
  2. Nightstorm boosted by Honoly (17k). CB1 call a Ghost Ship/Skull Dragon onto where Cannoneer is.
  3. Vanguard boosted by Grenache (32k)
  4. Ghost Ship/Skull Dragon (24k/even bigger)

End Phase:

  1. Unstride and any Hollow units retire.
  2. CC2 with Grenache

End Result:

You did a 4 attack turn while retiring 3-4 of your opponent’s RGs. As well as kept the Honolys on the field to still limit their attacks. This isn’t meant to be a kill turn, it’s more of a mid game stride if your opponent is at low damage or heals back to low damage. Or even if your opponent’s hand doesn’t have RG quality cards to replenish a field. Then your next turn you can do another Obadiah stride or even a Megiddo stride turn. You can also fall back to another Obadiah, Twilight Nightrose, Goauche, or Megiddo turn if those are the better options for the scenario.


Honoly is a great card that Granblue can easily take advantage of. Just keep in mind that it can restrict your plays as well. I definitely recommend practicing with it to get a feel for it. Overall, it can make certain match-ups winnable and help you in competitive play.

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