Recommendations for Sources of Media

This is the first post of the blog! Welcome! So this post will do 2 things.

  1. Tie in and explain a little on other reliable social media sources for our beloved Granblue clan.
  2. Refer to a static page that contains links to the other social media sources.

Why do this?

This will help give Granblue players find a source of clan interest and information where they can refer back to or even refer to other players.

Facebook Group – Granblue Fanta Sea

It’s one of the FB groups that I’ve seen that is still active and also very helpful. The members are helpful and there’s positive constructive criticism when it comes to deck advice. Link:

YouTube Channels

Over the years there have been really good videos of Granblue. Videos such as deck profiles, combos, interactions, tips, etc. As a player myself, I’ve sought out and came across very helpful videos. I will highlight aspects of these channels where I see their value. Of course your value gained from these sources may vary since we all learn different things even if it’s from the same source.

Solemn Vanguard

Maxime Solemn has a great YouTube channel and various videos of Granblue deck profiles and combos. One highly recommended video is his interview/deck profile of Jeremy’s 2nd Place in World’s deck profile. He also does well in tournaments with numerous tops.


Evan is a great player and an active member of the FB Granblue group. He’s also well known for his extensive Nightrose Encyclopedia video from the late G Era. If you LOVE Nightrose, this is the video for you. He also plays other archetypes and actively contributes with deck build advice in the FB Granblue group.


Ian is another great YouTuber on multiple Granblue archetypes. He has many videos over 5+ years. He’s played a lot of the archetypes. A few to mention are Seven Seas, Nightrose, and Cocytus. Here’s one of his most recent deck profiles that he topped with, Premium Deck Profile BSF2019. Another aspect that I like about his style is that he is very detailed in why he chooses certain cards.

One Who Gets Crits, Commander Jaime

Over the past few years, I’ve done multiple deck profiles and combo videos for Granblue. My most recent deck profile is Cocytus Premium. I’m mostly known for Nightrose and the Starlight Loop that Wirab (David) from WCC showed me around that time. My videos do tend to be detailed with thought process, cards that I’ve tried, and experiences.


Currently, there’s only so much social media relating to Granblue. I wanted to narrow down some that I know and help others check them out. I’ve gathered useful links for these sources here. Also, I do expect the number of sources to increase over time. There may be some social media mediums that are specific to Granblue that I’m not aware. Thanks for reading and again welcome to the blog! Subscribe for notifications for future content. See ya amigos!

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