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This page is specifically to have links to multiple forms of social media that have Granblue and Stoicheia content worth of value.


Axis Vanguard:
A group of passionate clan/nation Cardfighters unite to create great quality articles for their respective clans/nations. More Deck Studies, Card Spotlights, etc. can be found here!

Force of the Ocean (currently archived):
A group of passionate Aqua Force Cardfighters unite to create awesome Aqua Force articles! More Deck Studies, Interviews, News, etc. can be found here!

Facebook Groups

FB groups that I’ve seen that are still active and also very helpful. The members are helpful and there’s positive constructive criticism when it comes to deck advice.

YouTube Channels

Here are some channels that have multiple videos in terms of deck profiles, combos, interactions, tips, etc.


Aqua Force:



Also, I like this to be a growing list if possible. If there are other channels that can provide value, please contact me about it and I can update the list as appropriate!

Nexus At Night Podcast Episodes

There are some podcasts relating to Vanguard as well! Atlas, Matt, and Alvin (Root Beer) do a fantastic job on discussing Vanguard topics. There are a few Granblue specific episodes that provide value as well. Check out the link to one of my prior posts for the specific episodes.

Granblue Specific Episodes

Nexus At Night SoundCloud Channel

Custom Commission Artwork

The custom art banner was created by a good friend of mine, Korri Prince. Check out her social media links to see more of her work. I definitely recommend her for any artwork wanted to be done for anime, games, branding, etc. Check out my post on more details of how the drawing process went for the blog’s banner!

Korri Prince (Artist):

Nex LvL Gaming Playmats Partnership

Commander Jaime has partnered up with Nex LvL Gaming in order to further grow the blog. The partnership will help the growth of the blog in the following ways:

  • Access to amazing Vanguard product accessories
  • Readers can get a 10% discount using the affiliated link OR promo code “COMMANDERJAIME”
  • Continually creating quality content

Playmat Review:

Shopping For Cards?

Other Sources

To be added as this blog continues to grow!

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