Welcome Cardfighters!!

Welcome aboard amigos! My name is Rogue of the Seven Seas, Commander Jaime! For those who may not know, in the Vanguard community I’m commonly referred as Commander Jaime. So feel free to call me by my shortened alias!

This blog initially started off as a dedicated Granblue blog. However, now with overDress combining all of the clans into 6 nations. We’ve merged into the nation called Stoicheia!

This blog will contain content covering in multiple aspects such as mechanics, analysis, new support, game play interactions, tips, combos, deck lists, etc.!

Why do this?

  • To help new and veteran players in the clan Granblue and/or nation Stoicheia with playing with the clan/nation for both fun and competitiveness.
  • To have a more dedicated media source where players can refer to when needed for both interest and helpful information.

Who are you?

I started off as a casual Cardfighter in playing Nubatama, Genesis, and Aqua Force. Then I got more into the competitive scene and have achieved multiple tops throughout multiple events such as Bushiroad regionals, Bushiroad team leagues, ARG qualifiers, ARG nationals, Shop Challenges, etc.

Once I started having success, I wanted to share with other players my thought process, card choices, combos, discussions, etc. and thus created my YouTube channel: One Who Gets Crits, Commander Jaime.

Through my journey I picked up other clans to help me learn more about the match-ups and also grew interested in most of them, Granblue being one of them. I’ve played Granblue since their first wave of G Era support came out. Both G Trial Deck 8: Vampire Princess of the Nether Hour & G Booster Set 6: Transcension of Blade and Blossom.

I’m most known on playing Seven Seas, Nightrose, and Cocytus V series decks. I’ve had numerous deck profiles, combo videos, tournament reports, etc. with these decks. I’m also well known for Aqua Force. Feel free to check them out!

What should I expect as a reader?

  • Deck Studies
  • Card Spotlights
  • Cardfighter Spotlights
  • Combos, strategies, and interactions
  • Mechanics, tips, and example deck lists
  • New support, speculations, and relevant Stoicheia news
  • Social Media recommendations

Why change your alias for the blog?

Just like I mentioned, in the Vanguard community I’m commonly referred as Commander Jaime. It’s my shortened YouTube channel’s alias: One Who Gets Crits, Commander Jaime. The channel’s name was inspired from a good friend of mine named Will and it was because I love playing Aqua Force.

I wanted to have a new slightly changed alias to still have them connected in some part of the name. Clearly, I like playing water clans since I play both Aqua Force and Granblue (I also have Prisms in Bermuda Triangle just for fun). I also wanted to give this blog it’s own Granblue vibe and identity still, so I came up with Rogue of the Seven Seas, Commander Jaime. I love Seven Seas’ and Nightrose’s aesthetics both in naming and art.

So why not Captain Jaime? Having Commander in your alias seems more Aqua Force like than Granblue like? You can just imagine myself going rogue from Aqua Force and traveling to conquer the Seven Seas with my own fleet behind me. Simple as that, I didn’t want to overthink it too much. You can still call me Commander Jaime for short as well ha!

As more of Stoicheia cards come out, the aesthetic may slowly transition into it. I’m excited to see how they keep the Granblue aesthetic within Stoicheia!

What’s your expectation moving forward?

Expanding With More Granblue Passionists

How the blog started, at first, was mainly my own personal blog. But seeing a Cardfighter like Evan also write amazing content on the blog, has made me think of expanding more with others. I would love to see multiple writers be able to publish articles on this blog to show their passion and quality of work!

I will start thinking of a process of how to expand with the right people. I know other content creators that already use other social media platforms to create Granblue/Stoicheia content. I also know there are active players in Facebook groups, the subreddit, etc. too that can be potential candidates.

If it’s something of interest, you as the reader, feel free to reach out to me as well. I may not know your name yet, but I’m always happy to meet new amigos/amigas!

I look forward on writing articles for the blog. Stay tune for future content and subscribe! I’ll see all of you in the Seven Seas of Cray! Sailing off amigos!

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