20 thoughts on “Maelstrom Яeverse Deck Profile | Maelstrom V Premium | Aqua Force | V Clan Collection Vol 3

  1. I like the new types of playstyle we can try by mixing some reverse cards with link joker. Because of your video I am now exploring ways to use certain reverse cards in link joker


    1. I know right! It literally opens the door for so many different types of Link Joker decks ha! Let me know your feedback on some builds that you feel are worth discussing. I can even make a deck profile of it and credit you for it. I think these types of deck builds are worth sharing since they’re very unique.


  2. One thing with the Maelstrom R is that it can be a deadly first turn pressure to either make your opponent drop their hands / retire their field, or forcing them to take damage. Honestly an interesting card that I would like to run in premium as well!


  3. This card is low key the opposite of Tera Drive in a sense. Tetra Drive was underwhelming when revealed but ended up being pretty good. Maelstrom Reverse was bombastic on paper but is rather awkward to use in practice (though tbh it’s still powerful as hell when used properly).


  4. I think the new “R” Units are taking underwhelming strategies and making them solid rougue tier decks, which is good. Especially in Vmium


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